14 December 2012

Winner Brussels and Wels/Oostenrijk

Shortly after the Winner Amsterdam, is the Winner Brussels held. For Judge Peter Harsany/Hungry 35 Beardies were entered, serveral Champions from france ande even 2 fromRussia. Unfortunatly 8 were absent. Especially for the Jubilee Year of St. Hubertus, a CAC could be earned in every Class. Besides the Title of Belgian Winner. I had entered Lasse in the Open Class, to avoid a certain dog in the Intermediate Class. It was likely that the necessary invitations, courtesy calls etc., had been done and than you will not be able, in a normal way, to win something but just with difficulty. BUT: Mr. Harsany judged without looking at the persons and he did as he wanted. Lovely! After the heavy snowfalls of Friday, I had my doubts if we would arrive in Brussels on time. On Saturday morning however, everything was dry and the snow had almost dissapeared, only my travel companion Eef had to take a detour, because of the fact the the Tunnels along the Roermond Highway had been closed. Everything went well and we arrived on time at the Hall. Thank to Eef’s help we got our three dogs with much trouble (it was going up hill to the halls….) inside. After I had looked in the catalog, I realized that there would be a huge problem!!!  Both judges for both of our breeds started judging simultaneously with our two breeds. This meant that Lasse had to go into the ring while I was showing King and Doro. Good council is worth more than money.  I had asked the Russian, who had entered a male in the Champion Class, if she wanted to show Lasse, but after a while she declined, because of the chances she had in the Champion Class. Sh..  had no other option than to ask Vicky van Tiggelen if she would be prepared to show him, as she also had entered her own male in the Champion Class. To my big joy, Vicky said yes and showed Lasse. The ring was so far away that I could not see what was going on. Whilst I was standing in the ring with my OES Bitch Jadore, Eef Martens came by and told me that Lasse had become Best Male. I was full of happiness! Now we where in a hurry, as Vicky had asked me to Show Beat-It, her Champion Bitch. As said, as done  and after having ran several rounds, I won the strong occupied Champion Class with Beat-It. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to repeat the success from the Winner Amsterdam and Beat-It got beaten by the Bitch from the Open Class. This also happened to me with Lasse, for Best of Breed. Something I am very proud of is the fact hat Lasse, with his 19 months, has won all 3 big Winter Shows: Dortmund Bundessieger, Amsterdam, Winner Amsterdam and now in Brussels The Belgian Winner. Without the help of Vicky, Lasse would not have made it into the ring and I am grateful for her help. This beautiful result was taken under heavy fire on Sunday and it became clear once more that envy and jealousy do break alot of things in the dog world. Marja, who became 2nd with Dodge in the Open Class behind Lasse wrote a very mean article on Lasse on Facebook. In the Netherlands there is a famous song called: “Friendship is an Illusion”.

“Lasse” Lärkängens at Firsticebears with Vicky van Tiggelen


Best Male Lärkängens at Firsticebears and Res- Male Ch. Ho in Mente Te Del Cuore Impavido, bred by Filippo Ripoldi from Italy, and living in Russia. He is a son of Ch. Firstprizebears Denver.


Champion Class Bitches: Left 2nd Place Ch. French Kiss de Chester, 1st Place on the Right Ch. Firstpizebears Just Beat-It, owned by Vicky van Tiggelen. Judge Mr. Harsany


During the weekend there ws also a double show held in Wels/Austria. On Saturday, at the CAC the Danisch B. Schjöth judged and on Sunday at the Int-Show the Portuguese M.L. Borges. The Family Vanbossche drove with Floh, the big OES, Bearded Collie teenager Firstprizebears King Cole (Tobi) and 3rd the Shitzu “Mini” to this show.

Firstprizebears King cole won on both days the Youth Class Males and also became Best of Youth at both days. Congratulations.

Wels Firstprizebears King Cole