23 May 2012

Worldwinner 2012 Salzburg/Austria

On 19-05-2012 was the World Show in Salzburg /Austria. This city is simply said a dream, to not even speak about the Salzkammergut, the beautiful surrounding of Salzburg. In fact a pity to just drive down here for the World Show. This years the judge was Mr. Ron Irving from the UK and this made it attractive to show here. Eef and Thijs Martens drove down one week prior to the show with their Mobile Home on vacation to Austria with Lilly, Guffie, Fenja and Djazzy in their luggage. Due to this I could travel relaxed by plane. At it self an easy going case, but: I could not resist to visit a Show on Ascension Day in the Netherlands. That means getting up early and back home late. Afterwards take care of 1000 and 1 things as making pictures of the puppies, suitcase packing, etc. and getting to bed at 00.30 hrs. Getting up at 03.30. The plane departed at 06.30 from Düsseldorf and landed at 07.30 in Salzburg. Here the sun was shining but it was still a little fresh. At 08.00, my good friend Lenka Klimova picked me up, to go and have breakfast in the hotel. Her sister Hanka and son Lukas where already waiting for us. Later we had a lovely day in Salzburg. However, at 15.00 hrs the holiday was over. Eef Martens was waiting with “Lilly” and “Guffie”. These last 2 urgently needed a bath and had to be groomed. Eef was so kind to go into the shower in my hotelroom together with the 2 beardies. After this numerous towls were needed to get them some what dry.  At the same time, Lenka was doing the same with her 2 beardies at her room. I have dried and groomed the 2 until 19.30. We were tired and only ate a salad at the company with the M, then we went to sleep. The alarm clock went off at 05.30. Leaving the hotel at 06.30 and get to the Show terrain via a sneak route. The highway was just around the corner, but it took about 1,5 hours to get to the parking of the show compound, because of a gigantic traffic jam.

Together with Lenka her 2 Beardies and compleet equipment into the Hall and setup at the ring. Now waiting until it was our turn. The Puppy and Veteran Class were judged by a different judge. Than the males were on and finally it was our turn. “Clanyardbay mac Guffy” alias Guffy had 7 competitors in the Open Class. Mr. Irving was fast and sound in his decisionmaking and placed Guffy and me on a 1st place. Eef her hart was beating so strong that the windows in the hall were shaking… Than, it was our “Lilly” Ch. Firstprizebears Helen Hunt her turn. She had to defend the Title, which she won in 2010 in Herning at an age of 23 months. There were 15 bitches in the Champion Class, coming from various countries. Directly behind me was Christina Bailey, who showed a Champion Bitch belonging to Mr. Bernardi. Everybody was thrilled. “Lilly” had her star appearance in her luggage and showed herself from her best side. This was also liked by Mr. Irving and we won the Champion Class. Luckily Paz Davidovich from Israel was at the ring to take “Guffy”, who also had to fight for the CACIB and World Winner Title. Mr. Irving decided and picked “Lilly” and with this victory she became World Winner 2012. For Best of Breed, “Lilly” lost against the male from Hungary, bred by the Family Muzlai. Veteran World Winner was won by the also double World Winner Firstprizebears Cony Island, owned by Peter and Ildiko Muszlai and Gabriella Gesi from Hungary.

What made this Show to a real triumph, and certifies us as Breeder, is the fact that a lot of the winners where bred out of Firstprizebear Beardies. This proves the large quality of our breed. We are proud about this fact.

World Winner 2012 and Best of Breed was Ch. Double Scotch Blue Professor, (Ch. Dea-Dro Marco Polo, on his turn a son of the legendary Ch. Firstprizebars Eminence  x Ch. Firstprizbears X’Ponderosa)

Res-CACIB, Vice- World Winner went to the male Paradise For Dirty Talk, owned by Regina  Gerasimenko from Russia (Ch. Vaillant de Chester x Ch. Firstprizebears Carmel).

Res CAC und 2nd in the Champion Class Males “Kaspian Kiaora” (Ch. Firstprizebears Enfield x C’you lucy Kiaora) bred and owned by Lenka Klimova/CZ

these bitches also are offspring from our Dogs:

Ex 3 Intermediateclass Leeda Kiaora (Ch. Firstprizebears Hitchkock x Desert Gold Kiaora) bred and owned by Lenka Klimova/CZ

Ex 1 CAC Open Class Clanyard Bay Mac Guffy (Ch. Firstprizebears Hitchkock x Firstprizebears Eureka), bred and owned by Eef Martens/NL

Ex 3 in Openclass Double Scotch Black Rosalinda (Breaksea Norwegian Wood x Ch. Firstprizebears Cony Island) breeder:  Muszali/Ungarn

On Sunday there was a Special Show in the Park of Anif Castle. Here I had a lovely day at the Bobtail and Beardie ring. The taxi service by Horakova was outstanding and brought me back to the hotel. The costs for this ride was Coffee and Cake at the Big M’s terrace.

Afterwards I had to go back to the airport to fly back home, where Harry had kept guard and who was so kind to pick me up at Düsseldorf Airport at 21.30 hrs.

The pictures from our trip to Salzburg can be found under other news.

“Lilli” und “Guffy” freshly bathed and groomes in my hotelroom.

Salzburg Hotelroom fresh bathed and groomed

“Clanyard Bay Mac Guffy” Winner of the Open Class


World Winner 2012 and BOS Ch. Firstprizebears Helen Hunt


Veteran World Winner 2012, World Winner 2008 and 2009 Firstprizebears Cony Island


Best of Breed Ch. Double Scotch Blue Professor, Judge Mr. Irving and BOS Ch. Firstprizebears Helen Hunt


Relax after a tiring day together with Eef and her 4 Beardie Ladies


Ernest van Scheven very fast made this picture of hugging “Guffy”