Sheepish Prizebear The First, Gina

Sheepish Prizebear The First, Gina

In November 1990 “Gina” came to us from Denmark. She was accompanied by her sister “Maggie”, who went to our friends, Wil & Ab Bianchi.

“Maggie” was a teddybear-type and Gina looked more as a Border Collie with rough hair. Everybody thought Maggie was sooooo nice (so did I!!!) and Gina was the ugly duck.
But, Joop was right, when he said: “Now just wait, everything will be all right”. And so it was. With just 14 months Gina had the most wonderful, black coat. She kept her color and coat for the rest of her life. Always a beauty, whose age you could not tell.

She also was the queen in the house and the undisputed Gran Dame of the pack. Always number 1 and respected by all dogs.
“Gina” was something special! In fact she had a big mouth and liked to bark and a lot, also without a reason. If she wanted something, she, fully concentrated, could make little barks. This, of course, was rewarded with the necessary goodies.

A specialist in cleaning yoghurt, meat salad, etc. etc. cups. She could not only waggle her tail from left to right, but also up and down and in a circle. A funny look.
Her great passion, was driving cars and then bark to people who bypassed it.

Yes she was an extraordinary breedbitch. Gina had 4 litters by 4 different males. Out of these litters, 10 Champions where made up. A tremendous amount.

We miss Gina a lot. Every time I am now standing in the kitchen with an empty yoghurt cup, I am asking myself: who is going to clean this cup?? Because only Gina could do this so perfectly.

Gina is buried in our garden directly next to her father Ch. Shilstone Choir Boy.