17 November 2012

2-day Show of Karlsruhe/Ger

For the first time in history, Karlsruhe held a Dog Show. Normally this is held in Stuttgart. Our “Doro”needed her last ticket for the German and VDH Champion. More important, the last CACIB for the International Champion Title. Both our young males, “King” and “Lasse” could also need a few tickets. More than enough reasons to enter three dogs for the National Show on Saturday and the International Show on Sunday.  Saturdays, Mr. Dr. Peper, a German Allrounder, judged and Sundays both of our breeds where going to be judged by Mrs. H. Müller-Heinz/Ger. Friday the car was loaded with half the household effects (at least this is how it feels). Picked up my daughter Jessica in Düsseldorf and 500km further (100km more via Düsseldorf) we ended up in a beautiful hotel in Karlsruhe. The weather forecast was not that good and with 2 days of rain, the outlook was somber. As we had to get up very early, read at 05.00 hrs, the forecast said it was dry and so it was time for the dogs to go out and to be in the hall by 07.00, dry and well. It rained all day long until the forecast kicked back in and around 18.00 it was dry again, just when we wanted to leave the Hall. The rings were very big and there was room enough to show the beautiful movements of the dogs. Although in between the rings was hardly any room for dog and human being and it was too crowded. But why complaint?!!!

After both our OES’ King and Doro had won everything, it was “Lasse’s” (Lärkängens at Firsticebears) turn. With his 18 months he is still starting in the Intermediate Class and this was with an occupation of 6 dogs also the largest class with well known owners . But…… Lasse was able to convince Dr. Peper and became Best Male, after which he, was chosen in combination with the Co-Judge Mr. Frankenberger (Youngest and Youth Class) to Best of Breed.

Lasse with the Excellent placed males in the Intermediate Class.


Lärkängens at Firsticebears Best of Breed with jugde Mr. Dr. Peper.




Before we could enter the Big Ring there was a break. If you win everything, at certain moments you than have a luxery problem! Simultaneously in the Big Ring with two dogs! Not possible! Our OES Bitch Doro (“Jadore”) had also won Best of Breed. The always friendly Peter Spies was so nice and willing to show Lasse in the Big Ring under judge Hans van den Berg/NL. In the large Group 1, read Pastoral Group, we remained with six. But only Peter Spies with “Lasse” made it onto the Podium. He became 3rd Best in Group. Thank you Peter.

Ofcourse I couldn’t stop doing it and had to place some of Lasse’s hairs in the right position……


a happy couple: Peter with Lasse and Conny with Doro.


That night in the hotelroom, Doro and King made themselves comfortable on the relaxing chairs. Lasse, later found a place on our bed.


After this enervating but successful day, we have treated ourselves like royals in a restaurant in Karlsruhe. The bones from the 1a Lamb chops, where for the dogs later that night in the hotel room, as they had behaved very nicely.

On Sunday the International Show was held. In fact for this we drove to Karlsruhe, as Doro needed this ticket for her International Title. The weather was like Satrday. Raining! But fortunately, around 05.00 that morning it was not raining so that we could get the dogs to the show, clean and dry. However the alarmclock was set to 04.45, because we had to load everything into the car. Heidi Müller, the judge for the Beardies and Bobtail Males, started at 09.00 hrs with the Beardies. “Lasse” won the strong occupied Intermediate Class, but lost against a 7 year old Champion male from the Czech Repulic. Unfortunately. It would have been so nice if he could have repeated the success of the day before. But that was made up by our two OES’.

“Lasse” Winner of the Intermediate Class and Res-CACIB with judge Mrs. H. Müller-Heinz


The 7 year old CACIB Male from the Czech Republic and our Lasse with his 18 months.


In the Youth Class the beautiful Firstprizebears Kim Karnes showed up and had come all the way from Italy. She is 12 months old and a daughter of our Ch. Firstprizebears Hitchkock en Firstprizebears Havanna.The owner is Fernando Sunye and “Patatina” is being spoiled by Sergio. Mrs. Müller was very impressed by the pitch-black Kim. She won the Youth Class and became Best Young Dog.

Int Karlsruhe FPB Kim Karnes Best Junior

Later that evening, around 18.00 hrs, the Czech Mr. Rehanek judged Group 1 and again we ended with the last 6 but not on the podium. On the 1st place ended a Pon, handled by a Czech Handler and at the 3rd place ended a Beardie also from the Czech Republic….

At 18.30 we where packing to drive back home. Jessica had left at 18.00, going back home by train and was home at 20.30. During both days she had been our photographer and had made about 270 pictures. I let the dogs out on a dry place, yes it was dry!!!! It had stopped raining and at 22.oo we where back in Maaseik. Monday I took a pyama-day to get some energy. The 3 beauties where also in the livingand snoring . To be beautiful is also tiring.