5 November 2014

2 days Prag/CZ and Rijswijk/NL

The Vanbossche family are the proud owner of a camper. From now on, all dogs can join them and are they no longer dependent on hotels. I am curious to hear how they are doing on this adventure.


van bossche Motorhome

The first trip they made, brought them to the 2 day Show of Prag/CZ. At the first day, the Beardies where judged by Mrs. L. Klimova (Kiaora Beardies) and on the second day by Mrs. N. Stahlova, both from the Czech Republic. For the first day, only “Tobi” had been entered and that was sufficient. Only one dog can become Best Of Breed and in this case it was “Tobi” Ch,, Firstprizebears King cole”. This achievement, he repeated the following day under Mrs. N. Stahlova. In the Big Ring he became 5th with judge Mr. Wauben from the Netherlands. “Ole” was entered for the second day and became 3 of 3 in the Intermediate Class.

Brno King Cole 1

“Tobi” at the first day at the Show of Prag.

Brno King cole Lenka Klimova

Best Of Breed “Firstprizebears King Cole” with judge Mrs. Klimova/CZ

Brno King Cole Pause

Mr. Vanbossche during a common afternoon nap 🙂

Owner and dog are satisfied.

Brno King Cole BOB

2nd day in Prag, “Firstprizebears King Cole”  Best Of Breed for judge Mrs. Stahlova/CZ

Brno King cole 2. day

“Tobi” becomes 5th in FCI Group 1 for Mr. Dhr. Wauben/NL

Brno King cole group 5

The Show of Bleiswijk has been changed to Rijswijk, in the facinity of The Hague/NL. It is a large complex with lots of obstacles for the participants with benches, Trolleys etc. Not really ideal. The Dane H-E. Pedersen judged the 17 entered Beardies. We had entered our “Prada” in the Intermediate Class. Here the dogs who won their respective classes: Youth Class: Colepark Saxon Roos, Intermediate Class: Firstprizebears Meryl Streep (Best Bitch), Open Class: Sweet Brair Hayley, Champion Class: Dazzystar a Groovy Kind of Love (Res-Best Bitch)

Rijkswijk challenge best Bitch Beardie

This is the only picture we have from our Best Bitch “Prada” and the Best Male. My husband stood along the ring to make pictures and was waiting for the judge to join. A lady, by the name of Annemiek H. came by and wanted to knock the camera out of his hand and stond very closely besides him in order to make pictures herself. Within 2 seconds, the whole woman group stood around him, provocating and accusing HIM of different kind of things. From the expression in my face, seen at the picture, you can see how schocked I was. I had no clue what was going on, beside the fact that my husband was harassed. The judge Mr. Pedersen in the mean time stood in between us and I asked: “my god what is going on why has it to be like this? At this moment the handler of the other dog started to make remarks in dutch language at my address. The ringmaster was standing right next to it and did nothing and nobody assisted my husband. In the mean time the owner of the winning dog had also joined the group and also had to get involved. Only one thing crossed my mind: I have to get out of here! I went back to our dogs and noticed that I was being followed by that person and called my husband for help, who placed himself in between us. Something terrible! I am in the canine business since 42 years, but this level is the most absolute lowest point I have ever experienced. My husband hardly joins me to Shows, because he doesn’t like this with hate filled atmosphere in the ring. End of August, last year, at the Show of Geneva/CH, he had to (at 07.30 in the morning) keep this gentleman away from me. In April of this year at the Show of Goes/NL, he was also of the opinion that he had to insult me in the worst possible way and this whilst I was talking to a co-worker of the Raad van Beheer. I was under the impression that this happened under influence of alcohol. We are avoiding these people on purpose, they win everything, so why do they contantly have to attack me, off course supported by friends? I received the question, why I did not report it and make a compaint to the Raad van Beheer? Very simple. The Police won’t come into action as long as nothing happened. At the Raad also nothing happens, as no one has ever seen anything and do not want to get involved in these kind of business. My husband and I share the same opinion: this was put into scene to provoke him. Everyone who knows my husband, knows how sober, calm and corteous he is, a gentleman. How does this continue? Do I have to hire bodyguards to visit a show? Do I want to continue showing? What else is this group going to do and try, in order damage me? A well known Kynologist, Mr. Marin van der Weijer, Allround Judge and respected person once spoke abouth the degradation of the canine community. How right he was going to be.

Left our “Prada” Fristprizebears Meryl Streep”. Right “Beardie Connections Kenji” with handler Mrs. Anneke Otto.

Rijkswijk Bob and BOS without judge