16 May 2012

3 weeks

Friday, our “Summer” and “Lasse” puppies where 3 weeks old. On Thursday they moved to the larger Kindergarden. Here they have the puppies from Heidi as neighbours. They got used to the snew situation very quickly after the had done their investigation. With the switch to the extra feeding of Terra Canis Puppyfood out of a can it went real quick and today , Monday, we are already at 3 meals a day. On top of that they get fresh milk from “Summer”. For the rest they play and growl at eachother. They fight together and it is funny to see because they don’t stand that stable on their little feet and constantly fall over during their “fights”.

During the photoshoot on Friday everything went easy and smooth. All wanted to be on the photo.

the two males

2 weeks 2 boys

the 3 girls

they just have to be cuddled

3 weeks 2 males kissing

all just fit in the basket for their nap

3 weeks all in one basket