13 November 2011

4 1/2 week and lots of pictures

Our 9 puppies are 4 1/2 weeks old today. They turn into funny little devils, who discover everything around them. They play short and a lot with eachother and every now and then they have little power struggles. When Mommy Havanna shows up, they go ballistic and all want a nipple to drink. Eating they do a lot and good. Totally exited if they get fresh tripe or other fresh kinds of meat. This always in combination with REGAL puppy food. All liked the cottage cheese and this could be seen at their white beards, which where cleaned at eachother mutually.

Today, for the first time, they went into the courtyard to make pictures and afterwards they were allowed to discover the area for a short while. That was very exciting.

Here are all impression from the past days and today:

fresh meat

4--weeks-eating fresh meat

afterwards had to be cleaned. For this purpose the last part of the puppy area is split in two, so that I can clean the first part. But the little ones are so curious and want to see everything that is going on.


once everything has been cleaned it is time for inspection


and today, on Sunday the complete bunch was carried outside.


 Ladies first


and the males


finally time to discover the new area and they found a leave


than the flowerboxes somehow draw their attention 4-weeks-discovering-the-flowerpots

the stretcher also is exciting. 


Last but not least they found this hole filled with water in which animals live. We use to call it pond. But there was also the big human being by the name of  Harry and who is paying attention that they don’t jump into the water to play with the fish. 


all alone in this big world.