29 April 2012

5 weeks

Friday we could not make the 5 week pictures, because I was at a show in the UK. Finally, yesterday, it was dry, nice and warm. So the whole gang went outside to make pictures in outdoors. Afterward we just enjoyed with all dogs and Heidi her puppies the sunny side of life. Everything goes smooth. Five times per day eating, of which twice fresh meat, like minced meat. They play alot together. The puppies are very neat and clean and use the “toilet” in the back of the kennel. Yesterday things got exciting. The cattrap to the outside kennel was open and with alot of courage, “Babettje” went out first. After she had inspected everything, the rest followed. However, it is safer inside. Another day or so and they have learned how everything works and the cattrap will stay in a normal position. We have made some beautiful pictures for You to enjoy.

The males, 5 weeks

5 weken 3 reuen

the 4 girls

5 weken 4 girls

after an enervating photosession, there was a picknick at Mother Heidi’s

5 weeks outside picknick

Seen from behind

5 weeks backs

the whole gang on a puppy visit and Heidi had to kiss Harry first

5 weeks big kiss Heidi

yeeezzz, how do you get out of here?!

5 weeks how to get out of it

so much fresh air makes hungry. Quickly into the puppykennel to eat.

5 weken sterretje

en-route to freedom. That means if you have enough courage……

5 weeks klep