13 September 2012

Alkmaar/NL, Averio/Port. and Beckum/Ger

A busy and successfull weekend for our Beardies. Alberto Sanches and Cristina Andres where in Aveiro/Portugal with Firstprizebears James Dean. Here, Mr. Borges judged the Beardies and was impressed by “James” and made him Best of Breed. The Van Bossche family was at the Clubshow of the German Bearded Collie Club in Beckum last Saturday. Judge was Mr. Bourscough from Scotland. He has already won BOB at Crufts with his Beardie. “Tobi” (Firstprizebears King Cole) won at this important Specialty in Germany the Youth Class. It is something very special to win with such a young Beardie both Specialty Shows in Germany. Tobi is the first Beardie, the Van Bossches have. A perfect result.

Mrs. Van Bossche with Firstprizebears King Cole


Harry and I where in Alkmaar, North-Holland. It is a beautiful, ancient and typical Dutch Town and I had never been here before. Reason enough to take part in this Show for the first time. The judges where okay and it was an open air show, of which you could stand, covered by the roof of the stadion, in the shade. King and Lasse joined us and both where successful. Mrs. C. Kerssenmeijer  judged the Beardies. She judged fast and wrote a very nice judging report for our “Lasse”. This implemented that she made him Best of Breed. Due to the fact that our OES male, King, also won, Harry had to go into the Bigring with Lasse. Harry did a perfect job and showed Lasse in his full beauty. Unfortunately only three dog where place by judge Mr. J. de Gids/NL and one of them was King.

BOB in Alkmaar, Lärkängens at Firsticebears with judge Mrs. C. Kerssenmeijer/NL BOB-Alkmaar-Lasse-with-judge C. Kerssenmeijer Lasse and his gorgeous movement

Our dear and respected Mrs. Hellwig was in North Germany, in Kaltenkirchen, en route. At the CAC Show, organised by the Club of British Sheepdog, Mrs. J. Böhli-Wenger from Switserland judged. This name I will certainly remember. Mrs. Böhli-Wenger was impressed by both dogs Mrs. Hellwig showed. Both won the Intermediate Class. Desire of Fun Charlie Chaplin, the male and his sister Desire of Fun Charliez Theron. Last became Best of Breed. Why I write that here? Because Firstprizebears Enfield is the father  and  Ch. Firstprizebears Greenville the mother. Mrs. Hellwig has lots of success with her Firstprizebear Beardies and we are proud at her breed.