17 April 2013

Antwerp/B and Italy

It was a quiet weekend. Our dear Mussche family was together with Ch. Firstprizebear Clinton and Firstprizebears Le Hermann at the Show of Antwerp, Here all Beardies where judged by Mr. Steinmetz from Germany. “Clinton” became Best Veteran of the Breed and later Best Veteran in Show. We are very happy with the fact that a dog with such an age can reach such a position. That is the merit of Roland and Mieke, who have their five Beardies in a perfect condition. Their young male, “Firstprizebears Le Hermann”, who is now a year old, won the Youth Class. Unfortunately, unfortunately are both no photographic people, due to which we now have to wait for the official pictures from the Big Ring.

In Italy, Fernando and Sergio where on the road once again. On Saturday they where ate the National Show of Bolzano (Judge: Mr. S. Watson/CY) and on Sunday they where at the International Show in Montichiard (Judge Mr. H.L. Jensen/DK). At both Shows, “Firstprizebears Kim Karnes“, became Best Of Breed with CAC and CACIB. And yes we have a picture of Fernando with Kim.

Firstprizebears Kim Karnes 14-4-13