30 November 2020

Prada is naughty….

After “Prada” was empty the last 2 seasons we wanted to try this time everything to get her pregnant. Well……. Kerstin found the very first blood drop on October the 5th. So we agreed that Kerstin should see the Vet the next day in Düsseldorf to do a smeertest. After 4 days I was ready to pick her up to continue her progesterone test with Marten Kappen in Eersel/NL. “Lasse” who live together with his daughter in Düsseldorf at Kerstins home started in the night to howl. Very strange as he is a VERY clever stud dog. Next morning Kersten let Prada in the garden for a wee. Lasse opened the kitchen door and in 2 seconds he mated Prada…… Kerstin was in a shock and phoned me what she can do. Nothing I told her wait until they are ready take her to the vet appointment in the afternoon and test her progesterone. She was on 23 and the vet told her that she is over the top and she should not expect to get puppies. I was so sad and we did not had any explanation why and how could this happen and did not find anything that made sense. Ok this season was over and I was prepared to wait for her next season. But Prada showed all attitudes of a pregnant bitch and yes the ultrasound show she is expecting…..
I am pretty sure this puppies must be beautiful.