11 December 2014

Belgian Winner Show Brussels/B and National Kassel/GER

The Showing Season 2014 almost has come to an end. In December there are another 2 large show, Brussels with the Belgian Winner Title and Amsterdam/NL with the Title of Winner Amsterdam. During last weekend, 3500 dog had been entered for the Brussels Show. The Hungarian Mr. Robert Kotlar was going to judge both of our breeds. Unfortunately but true, only 5 Bobtails had been entered, of which 3 Elbe-Urstromtal and the other 2 from “Snowbootbears”. Mr. Kotlar judged for the first time in Belgium and he himself breeds OES. The Halls of the Brussels Show are directly opposite the the famous Atomium, which is especially for the Christmas Season beautifully illuminated. Beacuase of the fact that we are always travelling in the early morning hours and are leaving in the dark, we could enjoy the “Christmas-Atomium”. Something that was less nice, was the enormous long way to the halls. A real challenge with our heavy trolley’s. Harry and I where worn out when we arrived in the Hall. Unfortunately, in Belgium, you never know who are going to be the Group Judges. One look in the catalogue at 08.00 hrs told us it was going to be Mr. Vanhoenacker, who would later judge FCI Group 1. For me this means that I am waisting my time, as I will never ever win something with this judge. It has always been like this and will always be the case. Why? No idea! Decency forbids me to go home and do not have to wait for 3 hours. What happens: Our young “Prada” Firstprizebears Meryl Streep becomes Best Of Breed, our OES Male King becomes Best Male and Niki Best Bitch and Best of Breed. At 13.30 the judging of the OES ended and the waiting until 17.15 started, until Group 1 was going to be judged….. I spite of that it was a nice and relaxed day. the mood was carefree, happy and congratulations and applause came sporty.

The catch of 1 day with 3 dogs in 2 Breeds, 2x Best Of Breed and 1x Best Male Rosetten Brüssel 12-14

Mr. Kotlar the judge, with our “Prada” who became Best Bitch out of the Intermediate Class, Best Of Breed  and Belgian Winner Firstprizebears Meryl Streep. Res-Best Bitch was Petra Bonny with her No-Nonsens Labaronessa

Brüssel Best Bitch en Res 12-14

Best Male Ikar de Chester and our Firstprizebears Meryl Streep alias “Prada” Best Of Breed     Brüssel BOS and BOB Prada 12-14

The in Christmas mood Atomium in Brussels.

Atomium Brüssel

At the Show of Kassel/GER, Mrs. Kuhn showed her Nana “Firstprizebears Millwaukee“. She had been eneterd in the Intermediate Class and could win this, despite the strong competitors. She got the CAC.

Millwaukee Kassel 12-14

“Nana” with her victory cup.