13 May 2023

Cap & Kate puppies are born

They’re here!!! 3 males and 4 females were born on 13-05-2023

Berry Hoenstok is expecting a beautiful litter from 2 Firstprizebears . These 2 Dogs have everything we have ever bred in top dogs in their pedigree.

More information can be found on the Bright Glint website.

Berry can be reached on +31 6 41399651 or email: brightglint@hotmail.com

Cap & Kate

Chantillys Return To Firstprizebears
HD-A, ED-0, Eyes-clear
AM Ch. Firstprizebears Haagen DazsEyes-clear, HD-GoodD-VDH Ch. Pahari L’ The PaganHD-ACh. Sammara Night CapHD-A
INT-D Ch. Sunbree Special Moments Of PahariHD-A
INT-NL-DK Ch. Sheepish’s Price Bear The FirstHD-AAM-CAN-INT-NL-F-B Ch. Shilstone Choir BoyHD-A
DK-N WW’89 Ch.  Potterdale Double DelightHD-A
AM Ch. Firstprizebears Natalie WoodEyes-clear, HD-GoodINT-NL-LUX-B-D-VDH Ch. Lärkängen’s At FirsticebearsEyes-clear, HD-BSE-N-DK Ch. Goonie’s Highlander Lad HD-A
SE-NU Ch. Lärkängen’s Trendy Miss Wendy HD-A
INT-NL-B-DK- LUX-D-VDH Ch., Worldwinner 2010 & 2012, Winner Amsterdam 2010, FCI European Ch. Dortmund 2011 Firstprizebears Helen HuntHD-A1, Eyes-clearS Ch. Svassas Born To ImpressHD-A eyes clear
INT-B-D-VDH-LUX-NL-FIN-S Ch. Firstprizebears Donna SummerHD-A, Eyes-clear
Firstprizebears Q’Westwood
HD-A, Eyes-clear
Clan of Stork’s OutlanderHD-A, ED-0, Eyes-clearGB-Ch. Shilstone CraftsmanHD 5:5, Eyes-clearGB-Ch. Potterdale PiscesHD-A
Shilstone Foreign Affair
Clan of Stork’s KookiedohHD-AINT-NL-B-LUX-CR-CZ-SLO Ch. Firstprizebears HitchkockHD-B1, Eyes-clear
Clan of Stork’s Fourth of July
INT-ISR-B-NL-D-VDH Ch. Firstprizebears Liz TaylorHD-A2, Eyes-clearCaramac Change The BeatHD 5:6, Eyes-clearRamsgrove Rumba JWHD-A
Caramac CampanologyHD 3:4
P-ESP Ch. Firstprizebears Heidi KlumHD-B Eyes-clearS Ch. Svassas Born To ImpressHD-A Eyes-clear
INT-B-D-VDH-LUX-NL-FIN-S Ch. Firstprizebears Donna SummerHD-A2, Eyes-clear