27 July 2020

Champion 119 will be made up….

A new Champion will be made up on december 10th…… how can i knew this? Good Question! Firstprizebears Robin Willimas owned by Visitacion Echeverria from Spain has won 4 CAC ‘s at the recent Split/CRO 4 days Summernight shows. With this 4 CAC’s he won out of intermediate class he can obtaim the titel of Croatioan Champion. But…… this titel can not be confirmed before the dog is 24 months old and this is exactly on december 10th……. This will be our 119 Champion in 31 years of breeding. Waiting for the photo of Split. Unfortunalty his littersister Rihanna was in season and had to stay at home. Thank you Visi that you keep the Firstprizebears Flag flying high.

    first in row is Robin