9 April 2013

Denis Skopinski, Very Brown and Johnny Cash

Last week we received a very sad message from Russia. Denis Skopinski, a young man who was full of plans, had been murdered in a very brutal way. He has two Bearded Collies from us, being Firstprizebears Jerry Lewis and Firstprizebears Kokokola. Denis was planning to meet us during the World Show in Budapest. We are flabergasted and very sad. Alot of Russian Bearded Collie owners where so kind to inform us. They have collectively tried, to find a new home for both the Beardies. Denis we will never forget you.

Denis with his “Pepsi”, as he won the Group.

Pepsi Gruppensieg Kokokola

Sometimes it happens that a breeder owns or even breeds a dog himself who is extraordinary. The luck is on our side and we have had the pleasure to see it happen on both occassions. One of these special dogs was our  “Laura” Multi-Ch. Firstprizebears Very Brown, she passed away last year, but continues to live in her beautiful and goodlooking offspring. Laura has had three litters with us. For her last litter she was lent out to Wendy Hines (Ramsgrove Bearded Collies) in the United Kingdom. From this litter, the male, Ramsgrove Rumba, became an English Champion on Easter Monday. That is the 21st Champion Child out of “Laura” her 4 litters. I believe that Laura own a worldrecord with this, as most succesful Bearded Collie brood bitch ever. The list of her champion children can be found on her own page.


Firstprizebears Very Brown

Laura from Italy send us a beautiful picture from Firstprizebears Johnny Cash.

Firstprizebears Johnny Cash