19 May 2021

Finally puppies again

Today on 19-05-2021 our puppies are already 9 days old. It’s going great. “Carey” is an exemplary mother and the puppies are calm and happy. It is enjoyment.

We have the names! This year everything should start with the letter U. Very difficult if you always use names of American VIP or cities, rivers or other things related to America. So this is the solution:

U’Gary Cooper, U’Toni Curtis, U’Richard Grow, U’Nicolas Cage and U’ Jimmy Carter for the boys

and  U’Cindy Crawford en U’Joan Collins for the girls



“Carey” (Firstprizebears Q’Mariah Carey) became mother of 7 puppies on Monday 10-5-2021. Her owner Mrs. Reinecke has loaned me “Carey” for the 2nd time to breed a litter. Otherwise, no more litters of Firstprizebear puppies would be born. I don’t have a Bitch anymore ….

In 5 and a half hours 5 males and 2 girls were born. All black and white. The sire of these puppies is Ch. Snugglebears Miene Vreund by Anne-Marie Zoontjes