12 May 2016

Europawinner Show Dortmund Mai 2016

On Friday 6th May, the great European winner exhibition at Westfalenhallen in Dortmund took place. The well-known English allrounder Mr. Ron Irving acted as a judge for 47 Bearded Collies. My dear friend Fernando Suny had come over from Italy with my beautiful “Ch. Firstprizebears Nora Jones” and I was able to admire her breathtaking movement and her wonderful strength. Fernando and “Nora” are a perfect team and the Award was: Best of Breed. Nora made huge jump for joy when I was welcome her after the judging.  Mr. Irving is very consistent in his judging. In June 2015, “Nora Jones” was the World youth winner at the World Exhibition in Milan. At the show 2012 in Salzburg / Austria, he gave   Ch “Firstprizebears Helen Hunt” the world-champion.  She is the mother of “Nora Jones”.

The highlight of the day was the group victory in group 1 with “Nora Jones”. The Judge was John Wauben from the Netherlands.

I will probably not show Beardies anymore and how long I can still breed them, or want to, is in the stars. My life has changed dramatically in the last 9 months and I have decisions to make.

Therefore, such experiences as with Nora are balm fBor my soul.

Thanks Fernando

“Nora Jones” best of breed with Fernando and the judge Mr. Irving / GB

Thank you  Fernando

“Nora Jones” best of Breed with Fernando and the judge Mr. Irving/GB


Nora after her Group 1 victory