29 August 2014

German Winner Leipzig/GER and Mechelen/BEL

The Vanbossche family drove to Leipzig, in order to participate in the “German Winner Show”. For the first time in the history of this Show, the title “German Winner” could be achieved and which authorises and qualifies you, to start in the Champion Class. On Saturday, there was the German Winner and on Sunday a normal CACIB Show was held. As judges, the Hungarian couple Peter and Ildiko Muszlai had been invited. The are the breeders of Double Scotch Bearded Collies. The Vanbossche family had entered their 3 stars. “Floh” the OES male, who has already won so much. “Tobi” alias Firstprizebears King Cole and “Ole”, the 18 months old Blue Firstprizebears Lucky Luke.

During both days, the Bobtail became Best Of Breed and ended umongst the last 6 of Group 1.”Tobi” was the unlucky one. He became 2x 2nd in the Champion Class. “Ole”, Firstprizebears Lucky Luke, broke all the records and became Best Of Breed on both days and on the second day also selcted in the Group. Probably, the Vanbossche family still hovers on pink clouds and we are simple proud with the results of these beautiful dogs.

Pictures of Leipzig, with a thank you to the Vanbossche family and Mrs. Rene Schulz-Lorenz.

On the picture below, you can see the catch of 2 day Show in Leipzig!

Leipzig TRophys

Double Leipzig 2014 Winner and new German Winner Firstprizebears Lucky Luke with Mrs. Vanbossche and the judge, Mr. Peter Muszlai.

Leipzig 1 Tag Lucky Luke

“Ch Firstprizebears King Cole” became 2nd in the Champion Class at both days.

Leipzig King Cool

Last week Tuesday, I was confrontated with a heavy pain in the back and never thought that I was going to be able to show on Saturday, in Mechelen. However, thanks to 1000 mg Paracetamol 3 times per day, 3x 600 mg Ibuprofen and a terrific physiotherapist, I managed. Only the running on the stubble-field, created as show ground, was connected with heavy pain.
“Prada” Firstprizebears Meryl Streep, had been entered in the Intermediate Class. In total, the judge, Mr. Kanas from the Czech Republic had 14 Bearded Collies for judging, of which 7 Bitches (2 Youth, 2 Open, 2 Champion Class and Prada). Mr. kanas was very pleased by Prada that he made her Best Bitch with CACIB and CAC. Due to the fact that I was alone at this show, I had no possibility to take pictures.

The competitors had shown up in a large group, together with their fanclub and their court photographer. Mrs. Annemiek Heyne mad lot of pictures, which can all be found on her Facebook page. I have asked her for permission to publish this photos here on my page, but did not got it. So please feel free to look for this Special photos at her facebooksite go for outdoor Mechelen

CACIB, CAC, BOS Firstprizebears Meryl Streep