18 March 2013

Int-Show Groningen

Groningen, is 340 Km in the utmost north of the Netherlands, in close vicinity of the German border near Emden. Misses ten Kate was the judge this day for the Bobtails and the Beardies. I just couldn’t resist and entered. In fact I should have had more common sense and not make this journey just for a Youth Class Bitch. BUT, sometimes common sense is far away from logic. However, on the other hand it was funny to start this trip with just “Schoko”, so quickly entered “Jadore”, our beautiful OES Bitch. The Mercure Hotel is at the back side of the Showing area, so an ideal place to spend the night. The Hellwig family from Rühn in Germany had also come and under the pleasure of a nice meal spend a lovely evening. Clever as I am, I decided to go to bed early to finally catch some sleep. BUT…… if in the rooms next to you, a bunch of youngster have been placed, than you won’t get much sleep. Around midnight the situation became even worse and the reception had to be involved and asked for help. At 00.30 it was finally quiet and at about 01.30, I fell a sleep. The alarm clock was set at 06.00 Hrs. At 08.00 we where in the hall and had a wonderful group of people together, Chris Beirendonk, Wim and his daughter Nette and the Mussche family, as well as the Hellwig family. It was very pleasant. For me this day was perfect, but for others it was connected with big disappointments, because the judge, Mrs. ten Cate, made some unexpected placements. The Mussche family received a Very Good for their wonderful 10 year old “Ch.”Firstprizebears Clinton” and could therefore not participate in the Big Ring. Their young male Firstprizebears LeHerman was a little turbulent and could not be shown in his full quality. Mrs. Hellwigs “Desire of Fun Charlie Chaplin”, became 2nd behind a dog I do not like to call by name here and who, according to others did not deserved to have won. As I mentioned, I had made my trip for “Schoko” (Firstprizebears Liz Taylor).She was together with another competitor in the Youth Class. Schoko won her Class and had to be shown later against competitors from Intermediate, Open, and Champion Class. To my great joy, was Mrs. ten Cate convinced about the qualities and charm of “Schoko”and made her Best Bitch. I could not believe it and was full of happiness.

Earlier, Mrs. ten Cate had judged the OES and made our Jadore Best Of Breed. More I could not win. All others from our Group where very disappointed. I would have loved to loose behind the wonderful dog  Ch.”Firstprizebears Hollywood“, shown by Mrs. Hellwig in the Champions Class. But “Hollywood” didn’t get any further than a 2nd place. After the frustration had been disappeared, we had a very funny time. By the way, Ingrid Schreurs was placed 2nd with her “Firstprizebears Jade Jagger” in the Open Class. Rianne and Anne Vink where present with a baby from our “Lärkängens Firsticebears” and “Firstprizebears Guns’n Roses”. His name is “Sweetcompanions One in a million”. And so he is, a really wonderful puppy.

“Schoko” had to make a considerable amount of rounds. (These beautiful pictures are made by Mrs. Hellig)

Groningen Schoko on the move

than stand still quietly


as a reward she got something nice.


and a big kiss after we had won.


“Schoko” liked Mrs. ten Cate alot.


The Glamour Picture: “Firstprizebears Liz Taylor” Best Bitch with 11 Months. Judge: Mrs. Marion ten Cate/NL

Groningen Schoko-BOS