14 March 2012

Int-Show Offenburg/D in the beautiful Black Forrest

The show in Offenburg/D was at the same time as Crufts. Offenburg is at the edge of the Black Forrest and it was very tempting to show here. Harry and I allowed ourselves a mini “vacation” and, with Hitchkock and Doro in our lugage, drove to Offenbrug on Saturday morning. Finaly we had some time to stop at the Rest Area at the gigantic Bridge over the river Mosel and enjoyed the wonderful view. It is 480 Km to Offenburg and here it was sunny and springtime. Nice. The Mercure Hotel is directly at the show area. After we had unpacked everything and taken care of our barkers, the two of us drove to Gengenbach. A beautiful little town in the Black Forrest. Pictures and a travelreport can be found later under “News”.

Mr Claude Ritter from France judged the next day the Beardies and the Bobtails. First the Beardies were on. “Hitchkock” was in a good mood and went for it. This was rewarded and he won Best Male and had fulfilled the conditions for the German and VDH Championstitle. He now ownes 9 international titles and this was the finishing touch of his carreer. He will now only be available as a Loverboy.

I was shocked about the quality of the shown Beardies. Hopefully the development of the breed will go in a better direction. But that again is my personal opinion. The show was very pleasant, with lots of space in- and outside and the beardiepeople where all very nice and friendly

The BOB was too much for Hitchkock and he was running again on 3 cilinders….. This definately costed him the BOB.

Int-NL-B-LUX-CRO-SLO-CZ-Champion and now German-Club and VDH-Champion “Firstprizebears Hitchkock”

Ch, Firstprizebears Hitchkock BOS Offenburg 2012

The Lineup for Best of Breed:

BC Line up BOB Offenburg 2012

Male Honerclass: Quirynjo black von der Glücksalm

Youth Class Winner Males: Sergeant Pepper’s Blaze of Glory

BOS Ch. Firstprizebears Hitchkock

Youth class Winner Bitches: Sweet Heart A Brincess of Sigelo

BOB Bitches Joy & Pride Kind of Magic

Youth Class Bitches:

BC Juniorclass bitches  1 to 4 Offenburg

Excellent 1 My Sweet Heart A Little Witch

Excellent 2 Our Own Surprise Lale Andersen

Very Good 3 Wild x´perience Jazzie

Very Good 4 Nobility Under a Charm G Fee Finely Princess of Sigelo

Missing: Wild x´perience Juliette

and again Hitchkock with the Judge, Mr. Claude Ritter

BC best Male Hitchkock Offenburg 2012