2 December 2011

Jette had birthday

 As granddaughter from a granny who is completely crazy of showing, you should not have your birthday at the weekend of the winnerAmsterdamand become 2 years old. Than, Granny is infected by the show virus. Luckily enough my daughter has overcome this and got used to having a dog breeder as mother, but the grandchild doesn’t know better. Lucky me!

So two days later, in Maaseik, a mini birthday celebration was kept. When Jette arrived, the table was covered with a huge present and a couple of smaller one and of course chocolate, which in fact she should not eat yet. But as a grandmother you do have your freedom here and thereJ. As a gift she received something to wear from a really crazy children clothing store inAachen. Although the gift is more something for her mother. .

First of all blow out the candles.


 En dan aan het uitpakken…..


 The perfect gift for Jette, who wants to do everything the same as her mom does. Now she has her own cleaning-set.


 P.S.: Jette liked the chocolate very much.