14 July 2017

Without a summer break, Show news in July

Petra Hähner writes about her 2 Firstprizebeers:
1.7.17 National Meisdorf / GER, Judge: Lisbeth Mach, made our “Scotty” Jch.Firstprizebears Pat Boone” in the intermediate class Exc.1, CAC and our” Pam “Firstprizebears Pamela Andersson” unfortunately got her first sg1, it was also Unfortunately not her day and she was very unsure of herself.
“Pamela Andersson”

Pamela Andersson

Firstprizebears Pat Boone

On Sunday the 2nd of July there was an evening show in Echt / Netherlands. This is 6 km from my home. The judge Mr. Van Daele from Belgium could not persuade me to show. But Monika Fuss with her “Firstprizebears Pikes Peak” has taken the risk. The weather was lovely. When the weather is great, a show in the open is always something special. So it was in Echt.
Monika and “Pikes” ran a great course and won the youth class males. However, Mr van Daele was of the opinion that “Pike” is not yet fully developed and gave him a completely inadequate VERY GOOD. The youth class is from 9 to 18 months and as the name says: youth, so not yet adult. Maybe he had missed it


Xavier Pottiez is currently having great success with “Firstprizebears Proud Percy“.
On 15.7 he took him to the Int. Show in Dunkirk / France, the judge was the Dutchman G. Jipping. Percy won the CACIB, CAC, BOS over all male dogs from the Open and Champion class. In the open class, Deborah Raquet was there with “Firstprizebears Orlando”, who won the Open Class.

Proud Percy                                              Orlando Bloom                                              Xavier und Percy


Only a week later the double show took place in Liège / BEL. On the first day the Irishman John Walsh Junior judged the 19 Beardies. The unluckiest person of the day was Monika Fuss with her wonderful “Firstprizebears Pikes Peak“. Monika was nervous and stressed, and so Pike was also restless. He bounced while running and is also very thin. This resulted in a 3rd place with Very good. Too bad.

Monika with her pike and Xavier with Percy

“Proud Percy” won the intermediate class. But the highlight for a lot of Beardie guys was the victory of “Firstprizebears Orlando Bloom” over a certain other dog in the champion class. Although I was just a spectator, I was greeted with hugs and congratulations from all sides.
The lineup for best male:

Firstprizebears Proud Percy winner Intermediate Class. Firstprizebears Orlando Bloom Best Male and Best of Breed, proud owner Deborah Raquet/F, Res -Male Beardie Connections Kenji

On Sunday there were only 9 Beardies 2 males and 7 females for the Polish judge Mrs. W. Misterka-Kluska. The day was crowned with a 3rd place in Group 1 for Xavier and Percy by the Serbian judge Mr. V. Al Daghistani
Patricia Soeters took this beautiful photo,


Specialshow of the britisch Sheepdog Club in Dormagen/GER. Judge Mr. R. Blessing.

Monika Fuss and her “Pike” (Firstprizebears Pikes Peak) got the 1st place with an Excellent over  Prominent competition