21 February 2022

Klondike “Chantilly’s return to Firstprizebears”

News from  “Cap” as he is now called in the house of Eilers-Ojevaar family . “Chap” was at his 2nd show in Rosmalen/NL on 5-2-2022. The judge for the 16 Beardies was Mrs. Anita van Bussel-Tersteeg. “Cap” won the youth class and became Res-Best Male. There were 7 males registered. What a great day.

“Chantilly’s Return to Fristprizebears mit 13 Monaten

“Klondike”  more news later

16 weeks



“Klondike” arrived on may 2nd at Amsterdam/Shiphol together with his girlfriend “Ocean”

his new fans


his frist toy he got from his fanclub

“Klondike” is now called “Cap” and has run his first show. Owner and dog still need a little practice…..

he is at home with Marja Eilers- Ojevaar and Marc Eilers in Retie/Belgium ” Clan of Stork’s” Bearded Collies

Sire: Ch. Firstprizebears Hägaan Dasz

Dam: Ch. Firstprizebears Nathalie Wood