16 April 2014

Lilly puppies, 4,5 weeks old

Since mid last week, Lilly’s puppies live in the large kindergarten, next to the little bobtails and the 4 Hazel puppies. They are very smart and had quickly discovered how to get through the hatch to the outside part of the kennel and thoroughly investigated everything. Our Beardie puppies are, as usual, very very clean with themselves, The toilet for little needs has been created in the back part of their kennel. For the larger needs, they go outside. Just amazing these puppies. As usual they have different things to eat. At this moment, we try Earthborn Puppy, with this litter. For 70%, this food exists of meat, the other part is vegetables and fruit, no cereals. By the way, once per day they get fresh meat. Cottage cheese, 20% they also like. To keep our 8 little puppies busy, they had chicken thighs. This kept them busy for a while.

One bitch from this litter is still available. She was supposed to go to Greece, however, due to illness, the people had to cancel. It is one of the two girls. Which one, will be known during the upcoming weekend.

On the left, Nora Jones and on the right Naomi Watts.


The weekly glamour photo of the 3 males with 4,5 weeks.


the 5 bitches.


The puppies enjoy the beautiful weather.


Yeez, are you tall!


Some shots of the puppies: