22 April 2014

Lilly pups almost 6 weeks

On the day of the photoshoot, “Lillies” puppies where five and a half weeks old. Thursday they will become 6 weeks and on this day, our veterinarian, Mrs. Vanholen, will thoroughly examine, vaccinate an chip them all. They now have an ultra big outside kennel, in which they play alot. The OES puppies, who live next door are their beloved training partners, through the separationbars. The Beardie puppies are too small to play with these OES heavy weights, who are the same age. Therefore we do not let them play together. But boredom is a word, the little ones don`t know. They are kept busy with chicken wings or chicken legs, of course everything fresh and raw. After this it gets quiet and each puppy will go and lay down in the one or other Corner and chew and pull until only bones are left. These will than be eaten by the bigger dogs, as the little ones are too small for these things. Afterwards they firmly eat Earthborn puppy food and than go to sleep. All puppies have found a new home, except Nora Jones, who is still available. One male has to stay a little longer, before travelling to the United Kingdom. Another male will go to the Ukraine, however there is a mixed feeling, seen the situation in this Country. The new owners gave us the insurance, that everything is okay and will come over and collect him themselves. Well, the 3rd male was supposed to travel to China. The new owners have done a down payment, but we don`t get any reaction or answer on our e-mails anymore. Seen the fact that we don`t have an address neither, I don`t know how things will continue. I will leave the situation for another week and than sell the male (“Norman Rockwell”) to someone else. In case you had the idea and looked at this litter several times, there might be an opportunity coming up. Our Nora Jones has her own site, where you can read everything about her.

Our 3 males with 5,5 weeks


the 5 female beauties, completely right Nora Jones, who is still available. The other ladies will move to respectively the United States, Slovenia, Hungary and Northern-Germany.


An afternoon nap on the swing.

6 weeks Beardiepuppies Lilli Sleeping

and a soon as they wake up again, the do to the “toilet” together.