10 January 2014

Lisa Marie and Prada, farewell of Eros

Lisa Marie and her litter brothers and sisters celebrated their first birthday op 30-12-2013. Lisa Marie, had to take a bath, ordered by het owner Mrs. Daniela Hellwig from Rühn/Germany and afterwards had to go under the “blow dryer”. Mrs. Hellwig wanted to surprise the breeder with beautiful pictures of “LM”.
And so she did:

1 Lisa Marie 12 Monate 01.01.14 001 Conny

6 Lisa Marie 12 Monate 01.01.14 041 Conny

10 Lisa Marie 12 Monate 01.01.14 063 Conny

Prada” had it , if compared with Lisa Marie. To admit, she did not have her birthday yet, but I also wanted beautiful pictures from her. Prada however, rather plays on the meadow, instead standing in front of me and look straight into the camera.

Firstprizebears Meryl Streep

Prada 9 months running with ball

it was very tiring to look good, afterwards the well deserved afternoon nap was held.

Prada 9 months relaxed

Last Year ended sadly for the Werry family from Kerkrade/the Netherlands. After a period of 12,5 years they had to say goodbye to thier beloved Eros. Firstprizebears Agassi was born on 24-04-2001 and past away on 29-12-2013.

Firstprizebears Agassi