29 January 2014

Mouscroen/Belgium, “Nana” in Luxemburg, “Strike” Best in Show in Australia

Every year at the end of January, the Show of Mouscroen is held. It is located close to the French border. You need good nerves, if you enter for this Show. In fact, the hall is to small for the 1995 dogs, shown at these two days. It asks a lot of effort of man and animal. In case panic breaks out, I have no clue what will happen here….. But nevertheless, I keep entering dogs for this show, because a lot of time, they have interesting judges. We had entered for the Finnish judge Mrs. Talvite. Pure coincidentally, a couple of days before the show starts, I read that there had been a change in Judge and that Mr. Giovanni Tabo from Italy will judge. We had entered “Lasse”, because he needed his last CAC to fulfill the conditions of Minimum 365 days  to win the Belgium-titel. “Schoko” was alo present, to grab her change for the 2nd CAC and CACIB. It is a distance of 22o Km, it was dry, what also was delighting after the amount of rain over the past days. Directly at the entrance we met Vicky van Tiggelen and Nicole Vissers with their 4 Beardies. To our great dissatisfaction, we had to find out that we were each others competitors. Vicky was here with her “Quibo” and “Beat-It”. Both needed their last CAC and CACIB. Mr. Tabo had to judge a total of 126 dogs from different breeds. Almost at the end of the day the Beardies where judged and afterwards followed by the Bobtails. During the day we discovered, that he had given an enormous amount of Good, Satisfactory and Insufficient. With the Collies, none of them had won an Excellent. 19 Beardies had been entered, under which 7 babies and puppies, of which one received an Insufficient, 2 a Promising and the rest was okay. Besides there where 2 Champion Males and 2 Champion Bitches. As first, our Nette Huyskens had to enter the ring. She was in the Youth Class together with another dog. Her “Wietse” (Firstprizebears Luke Perry), received a Very Good 2 and the other an Excellent. This was the first disappointment. But it would became worse. Roland and Mieke Mussche had come with their “Herman” (Firstprizebears Leherman), who was the only one in the Intermediate Class and received an Insufficient. There was something the judge didn’t like…. Because we didn’t receive a judging report, it will always be a guessing what he didn’t like. There was no time to ask, due to the fact that too many dogs had to be judged. Two males in the Open Class, after which it was Vicky’s turn with her “Clan of Storks just “Quibo” and I myself with “Lasse” (Lärkängens at Firsticebears). “Lasse” showed himself from his best side. Best Male and Belgian Champion. Quibo became Res Best Male. “Schoko” was in the Intermediate Class and won from the other Bitch. There was no Open Class. After this it was Vicky’s turn again with her Ch. Firstprizebears Just Beat-it against the beautiful Bitch “Fara Fawcet des Berges des Mille et une Nuit”. Vicky won her Class and afterwards lost again for Best Bitch. The CAC and CACIB where won by “Schoko” (Firstprizebears Liz Taylor). Beat-It received the Res CACIB. In spite of her disappointment, Vicky was so kind to show Schoko for the BOB and I showed Lasse, who became Best Of Breed. In the Big Ring, Mrs de Ridder judged the Group and it was clear to me that I had no chance on a victory. The background story regarding this theme, I will make public and publish in my memoirs. It could become thrilling. As we left the hall, it was raining cats and dogs and we kept this weather until we entered Maaseik. Thanks to Harry, who not only took care of the pictures, but also made sure that an aggressive participant with German Shepard stayed on a distance. You are our hero.

Nette Huyskens with her Wietse (Firstprizebears Luke Perry)

Mouscron FPB Luke Perry_1480192710_n

Wietse and Nette

Mouscron FPB Luke Perry Nette

Roland Mussche with his Herman (Firstprizebears Leherman)

Firstprizebears Le Herman

Lasse once again shows his beautiful movement.


The winning picture for Best Of Breed, “Lärkängens at Firsticebears, the judge Mr.  G. Tabo and Vicky van Tiggelen with our “Schoko” Firstprizebears Liz Taylor.


Mrs. Kuhn had driven with her “Nana” (Firstprizebears Millwaukee), to the Club Show of the britisch Sheepdog Club in Luxembourg. She was entered in the Youth Class with 7 other Bitches. Mrs. Melchior/LUX was the judge. She liked “Nana”and placed her Excellent 3. Well done Mrs. Kuhn and Nana.

FPB Milwaukee 12 mths

We knew that during the weekend, Strike had been entered at 2 major Shows and where curious to find out the results.

Kirsten Ann send us the following message. It was Kirsten her first show with Strike, as she has recently given birth to her second child.

What a fantastic weekend with our most stunning Import from Belgium Firstprizebears Lucky Strike – “Strike” on Saturday at the Gawler Kennel Club under Bearded Collie breed specialist judge Mr Richard Stoate winning Junior In Group! Then on… Sunday under Bearded Collie Breed Specialist Judge Mrs Colleen Stoate winning a 9 Point Dog Challenge, R/U Best Of Breed, Junior In Group & then under Judge Dr. F. McEvoy going on to BEST Junior In SHOW!!! I am so very proud of our stunning young gentleman coming along in leaps & bounds.

These beautiful pictures we received of Firstprizebears Lucky Strike, 12 months old.

Firstprizebears Lucky Strike

Best in Show

Firstprizebears Lucky Strike 12mts.