10 August 2015

News from August

It are late messages from Bremen/GER. This has two reasons: On the Sunday show already, I had problems due to gastrointestinal infection. This knocked me out and I was sick for 3 days. Afterwards we found out that our computer had also been “infected” and was not cured until yesterday, Sunday.

During the weekend of 01 and 02 August we where in Bremen/GER, to the National and International Show. We didn’t need anything, but the City of Bremen is very beautiful and it had been almost 35 years ago, since I have been showing in the Stadthalle. Reasons enough for a weekend trip to Bremen, with “Prada” and “Senta” in our luggage. On de way down on Friday, there where no problems or long traffic jams. We only had to take a detour in the Vörden area and did we go off route. That was completely different on the way back. Only traffic Jams and that is not nice when you’re sick. Harry had to drive the complete way back.
We had a beautiful hotel in Bremen, with lots of green, directly on the Weser River and on a stone throw away from the Hall’s.
We where looking forward to the fact of meeting good friends again, as Lenka Klimova and her son Lukas, the Hellwig family was also present and the Zimmermann family also wanted to come. Off course there where 3 interesting ladies, who would judge our breeds. On Saturday it where Misses Assenmacher for the Beardies and Misses Cousins from the United Kingdom for the OES. On Sunday the judging was done by Misses Erika Bakker from the Netherlands. She judged both of our breeds. That Friday evening we quickly wanted to drive to the Hall to have a look at the entrance and the parking possibilities, so that we knew where to park the next morning. But things go as they go and we couldn’t leave anymore from the parking and had a wonderful evening on the camping site, in the most excellent company and where rewarded with a wonderful dinner. It was fresh that evening, but the two days after brought beautiful Summer weather. Saturday at 06.30 we stood on the parking, as the hall’s would open at 07.00. There was only one small problem: 2 rings in 2 different hall’s for Bobtails and Beardies. Our two girls had to start at exactly the same time in the different rings. STRESS…. All friends had gathered at the Beardie ring, it was cosy and everyone had good times with eachother. Actually we won everything that was possible and here more than satisfied. Only Misses Zimmermann’s Naomi Watts had never been to a Hall before and didn’t want to behave as she actually should have. The second day it went much better, but that was not enough for a placement.
Harry was our saviour in needs and showed our OES bitch “Senta” in the Youth Class and received an excellent judging report.
The Saturday evening after the Show, we used to go rapidly in to Bremen and have a closer look at the city. The Schnoor, the Roland, the Townhall and off course the very famous Bremer Stadmusikanten (Brem Town Musicians). Mrs. Antonini, the sonderleiterin with the Bobtails had advised me, to take both legs of the donkey in my hands and make a secret wish. Lets see if this works. Bremen is a wonderfull city and we are sure that we want to go back one day. Our small “travelgroup” had gathered in the Rathskeller for a very nice, but especially delightful dinner.

Sunday morning the alarmclock was set again at 05.00 hrs. Let the dogs out, quickly drink a cup of tea, pack everything and in the direction of the Hall. As the day before, the Hall opened at 07.00 and this time everything was in the same ring, which made a lot of things easier. Breakfast was used in the Hall and there was a good catering service with delightful sandwiches. I took a bun with scrambled eggs and coffee. This I shouldn’t have done….. Shortly after I had the first stomach cramps. 🙁

Nevertheless it was a cozy and succesful day. Our OES bitch “Senta” became German Youth Champion and won the FCI Group 1 for Juniors. “Prada” also became Best Of Breed on both days and was selected amongst the last 5 to 6 of FCI Group 1. Both times we had a Danish Judge. Oh Yeah…. out of the blue came “Firstprizebears Lisa Marie”, who became German Champion and VDH Champion that Sunday. Exactly one year ago she had scored her first points in Bremen and has, since than, participated in few Show very successfuly. She is our 101st Champion.

the many pictures

Saturday evening at the Townhall, with the Bremer Stadtmusikanten

Bremen Conny und Harry

Saturaday, Mrs. Hellwig and Mr. Grammann had entered their “Firstprizebears Navaho” in the Youth Class Males. Saturday he became a 1st place and Sunday a 2nd.

Firstprizebears Navaho

Our friend Lenka Klimova won, on Saturday under Judge Mrs. Assenmacher, with her Multi-Ch. Kiaora Kaspian, Best Male and also had a new German Champion. Sunday he became 2nd in the Champion Class. Several pictures on this page have been made by Lenka.

Kiaora Kaspian Bremen

Misses Hellwig with her Firstprizebears Lisa Marie. On both days, she won the Open Class and became Res-Best Bitch. On Sunday, she received her last points for the German Champion Title.


During both days, our very own “Prada” Ch. Firstprizebears Meryl Streep became Best Of Breed in Bremen. Here on the picture with the Judge Mrs. Assemacher.


and on the 2nd day with Judge Mrs. Bakker.


That Sunday, Fernando and Sergio where also on the road in Italy. They went to the National Show of Brveno with our “Firstprizebears Nora Jones”. She became Best Of Breed and 2nd in FCI Group 1. We received beautiful pictures. Our Nora is getting more beautiful by the day. No wonder, she is in best hands.

Firstprizebears Nora Jones 16 months old.          Here with judge Mr. Muldoon/Ireland

Nora Jones and Fernando in Baveno Nora Jones Baveno BOB and BIG 2

Nora Jones Baveno BOB Nora Jones Baveno table

Also from Russia there was news to report from “Pepsi”. That is Ch. Firstprizebears Kokakola”. Elizaveta Bizin was allowed to take him for her new owner T. Starikova, to the double National Show in Lider & Prestizh en Stolitsa. On both days “Pepsi” was made Best Of Breed, on Saturday 2nd in the Group and on Sunday 02 August he won FCI Group 1 under the Luxembourg Judge Mrs. Melchior.

Firstprizebears Kokakola Firstprizebears Kokakola Firstprizebears Kokakola

Sunday 09-08 the yearly Club Show of the Belgian Bearded Collie Club was held. Mrs. A. Hardy from the United Kingdom judged the more than 70 entered Beardies. We just had 3 weekends of Showing behind us, that we had decided to stay home. Deborah Raquet had come with her Beardies, amongst them the 5 months old  “Firstprizebears Olivia Newton John“, who had been entered in the Puppy Class. The Puppy Class was occupied with 6 puppies. “Olivia” won this Class and became Best Puppy of the Day. We are very happy for Deborah.

Firstprizebears Oliva Newton John

Double Internation Show in Innsbruck/Austria, on Both days “Firstprizebears Nora Jones” won Best of Breed. On the first day she became 3rd in the Group under Mr. Urosevic/SER.

Judge Mrs. Garding-Peplow/GER

Innsbruck 15-8 BOB

second day the judge was Mrs. Langhorst-de Haan/GER

Innsbruck 16-8 BOB



Last August weekend there was an National Show in Israel and a Double Show in Leipzig/GER, the German Winner Show.

Paz Davidovich, had enetered her “Lorne” under Judge Mr. Yossi Guy/ISR at the National Show of Maalot. He became Best Of Breed. The Serbian Mr. Miroslav Urosevic judged FCI Group 1 and was flabbergasted by “Multi Ch. Firstprizebears Loren Green“. A very extreme and successful day for Firstprizebears in Israel.


Firstprizebears Lorne Green 08-15

Firstprizebears Lorne Green 08-15

The Van Bossche family was with their “Ole” Ch. Firstprizebears Lucky Luke, to the Double Show in Leipzig/GER. The first day, the judging was in hands of the Austrian Mrs. Stolte and “Ole” became 2nd in the Champion Class. The second day the judging was done by Mrs. Heidi Müller-Heinze/GER and Ole became 2nd again, but this time he became Res-Best Male with Res-CACIB.