28 July 2011

News from Russia and Liege/B

Denis, the proud owner of “Firstprizebears Jerry Lewis” has won another Junior Titel. “Jerry” is now a Belarus Junior Champion. Last weekend the two where in Kursk/Russia. Here, Jerry made Best Junior and Best of Breed. Judge was Mrs. Frau Yna Gavrilova/RU. He was shown in the big ring twice. Became No. 4 with the Juniordogs of all breeds and got a 3rd place in Group 1. Yes, Denis can be pruod of his “Jerry” and we are happy for the two of them. 


I myself was toghether with our own “Smokey” (Ch. Firstprizebears Gunsmoke) in Liege/B to a CACIB Show. Bad weather an strange judging. Mr. A. Hlebarov from Bulgaria was saying that our “Smokey” is too short. I told him, that this is not the case and if he could please measure her. He refused this, because he could trust his eyes. The only advise I gave him was to visit a optrician and have a look for some new glasses. Offcourse Mr. Hlebarov will receive a special remark and placed on our special list. Am I allowed to write or say something like this? Yes, I am, because judges are allowed to do and say false things, but we exhibitors, with 40 years of experience, also have a solid opinion!