11 May 2014

Norman Rockwell is looking for a new home SOLD

Our “Firstprizebears Norman Rockwell”, was ordered 8 weeks ago by a Bearded Collie breeder in China. He already has more dogs from our breed and is since a longer time in touch with us. Four weeks ago we received a down-payment. But, from that moment on, we didn’t hear anything anymore from this breeder. Many E-Mails, Facebook Messages and even an SMS notification, remained unanswered. Now, after all these attempts, we have decided to sell the little male to someone else, who is more interested, is enjoying the fact that he/she gets a new puppy and who stays in touch with us. I could explode about the fact that I have not taken this decision before. “Norman” is a friendly and quiet male from a gorgeous litter. That his parents are extraordinary Beardies, is well know. We hope that he soon finds a new owner.

Norman at 8 weeks

8 weeks Norman Rockwell sit

and standing

8 weeks Norman Rockwell standing

on the pictures below, you see “Norman” at an age of 6,5 weeks.

6,5 weeks Norman Rockwell sit1

6,5  weeks Norman Rockwell standing

6,5 weeks Norman Rockwell sit