29 May 2011

Oscar and Donna’s traveljournal

Eef and Thijs Martens have again made wonderful pictures of their journey with Oscar and Donna. They were again playing for “travelguide” for our Beardies who had to be delivered to England and Ireland. In the meantime they are best buddies with the Fleetwood Familiy ( new owners of Oscar), from Ireland. For the nessary support ALL Martens Beardies had to join them: Djazzy, Fenja, Lilli and Guffy.

silence before the storm….

Oscar and Donna were already with Eef and Thijs while we were still at the show in Dortmund with “Lilli”


first “pippibreak” in the UK


arrived at Graham Atkins and Carole Charles, in the Derby area, were Donna’s new home is


Oscare is already searching for Ireland


“Lilli” shows her most beautiful smile