29 March 2017

Pat Boone rocks Offenburg


Firstprizebears Pat Boone” has rocked the double show in Offenburg / GER within his first 14 months: 2 x Best of breed and the crowning moment was getting 2nd place in group 1

On Saturday, Mrs. Petra Bartz / GER judged the Beardies and Mrs. Hähner did everything right with “Scotty” and won the Best of Breed in the youth class. On the second day of the CACIB, the judge was the Swiss, Mr Häberli. He recognised how beautiful “Pat Boone” is and also crowned him as “Best of Breed”. The crowning moment was, of course, the 2nd place in group 1. Frau Hähner and her “Scotty” are simply a brilliant team. In addition, “Pat Boone” has won two new youth titles: Deutscher Jugendchampion Club and VDH


F17091-35   F17092-16 IMG_2328           ScottyPetra1

On this day Family Körting / Storr entered their “Smokey” in the open class. “Firstprizebears Manhattan” won the Open Class with CAC. Now she only needs a CAC for the title of German Champion. It will be exciting.

FPB Manhatten Offenburg