13 October 2017

Pradas puppies 1 week old

Ch. Firstprizebears Meryl Streep is such a wonderful mum. Her 12 puppies are 1 week old and all are doing so well. Altough she has only 9 “milkbars” all doubeled nearly their weights. I have tried to bottelfeed them but as always Beardiepuppies are too proud to survive with help from her breeder. I am extremly tired as my nightshifts on the couch are interupted 6 to 9 times to help Prada Puppies finding their way to the nipples asap. The smaller ones in the litter need a little help and 3 just have to wait for their turn. This is a JOB I can tell you others call it a hobby.
It is not possible to get some sleep over day, as I have them under permanent controll that every puppy get enough milk . Tomorrow I am crazy enough to join the dogshow at the IDS Dortmund/Germany. I do not hope to fall in sleep while showing. My darling Paul is taking care of our puppies meanwhile.

1 week oud