28 February 2016

Prada’s puppies 5,5 weeks old

it has become Wednesday, the puppies are 6 weeks old. Have some little time to keep you all up to date, as far as my beautiful puppies from Prada concern.. The puppies are behaving like big” dogs and discovered the cat flap and run in and out. Many piles are left already out. This is always a big workload and helps to keep  it clean inside.. The Highlight of the day is still the  minced meat and is really in one second eaten from the 10 Beardies puppies and single  OES puppy “Solo”. Tomorrow  my  vet Mrs. Vanholen is coming to examine them all to vaccinate them  and provided with a chip. They are getting the 3rd deworming this weekend. Then there only  12 days left that the the first puppis will pack their bags and will take up their first big trip,

This is our “Firstprizebears Peter Fonda” he is still looking for a new home and could also be use for Shows and breeding

Prada 5,5 reu No 7 sit Prada 5,5 weeks reu no 7 stand


Photos take on Saturday 27-2- at 5,5 Weeks The male puppies f.l.t.r. Percy Sledge, Patick Duffy, Patrick Swayze und Paul Anka

Prada 5,5 weeks male 4-1

f.l.t.r.: Philip Morris, Pat Boone ànd Peter Fonda he is still available.

Prada 5,5, weeks 3 boys 5-7

the Girls :Paris Hilton, Priscilla Presley and Pamela Anderson

Prada 5,5 weeks girls

Little” Joepi” is enjoy the sun on the big field.

Prada 5,5, weeks Patick Swagzy

Quality time for our puppies

Prada 5,5, weken puppies spelen3 Prada 5,5, weken puppies spelen2 Prada 5,5, weken puppies spelen1