27 August 2013

Rotterdam/NL, Tel Aviv/Israel and Leipzig/Ger

At the CACIB Show in Leipzig/Ger, Mrs Bilsheim judged as a replacement judge. The Vanbossche family where showing their Ole and Tobi here. Tobi (Firstprizebears King Cole) won the Intermediate Class once again and the blue Ole (Firstprizebears Lucky Luke) became Best Puppy. From overhere we would like to congratulate the Hellwig family, with the homebredbred male “Desire of Fun Charlie Chaplin”, who got his last CAC and with this has the qualification for the German and VDH-Champion Title. “Charlie” is a child of Multi Champion Firstprizebears Enfield and Ch. Firstprizebears Greenville.

On Friday, there was an Int-Show in Tel Aviv. Mrs. Jolanda Nagler judged the Bearded Collies here. Paz Davidovich brought here male “Firstprizebears Lorne Green” to this show. He won his first CAC and became Best of Breed. Since 4 weeks, Paz has “Firstprizebears Marilyne Monroe” at her place. She had her first appearance: Res-Best Puppy in Show!!! We are extremely proud on Paz and her Beardies.

Firstprizebears Lorne Green Best of Breed

Tel Aviv Firstprizebears Lorne Green                    Tel Aviv Firstprizebears Lorne Green 1

and the five months old “Firstprizebears Marilyne Monroe”

Res-Best in Show Puppy

Tel Aviv Firstprizebears Marilyne Monroe


At approx. 05.45 Eef and I started the journey to Rotterdam. Three minutes later Harry called with the comment that I had forgotten one of my bags. So, turn around and pick up the bag and continued our journey. At the third corner a mug of tea fell over my skirt (Lucky for me I was wearing a brown and not a white shirt). By the way the tea was very hot…. As this happenened I thought by my self: What a fu….. day, maybe we should go back home. It would have been better for our Bearded Collies, but for the OES it was okay.

Once, Rotterdam used to be my favorite place to Show, but that changed, as far as the judges for the Bearded Collies are concerned in to a nightmare. A group of 2 married couples managed, to put the judge, as far as the Bearded Collies are concerned to their hands. That means that only those judges are invited, who know the wish list of these 4 persons and are willing to look after them. You think this is impossible? Wrong thought. It is as it is and nor the one nor the other party, is ashamed for that what they are doing. They neither think it is painful. They are laughing up one’s sleeve and the rest of the participants are just actors in the ring, inside this bizarre playhouse. By the way we are paying for this…. Of course we are going to see these judges again at the various shows in Belgium. Around 08.00 this morning there was something I noticed. One of the contestants, normally always wearing black trousers, was dressed up in a kind of “cocktail dress” and to me it was as clear as it could be that this was not bought for nothing. And so it was… What I have just said and written here can be very dangerous for me and could cost me my complete carreer, but I have only written down what the other “showers” are thinking about it and who are irritating themselves enormously with regards to this behaviour. It is nothing new and I have written about this before, that the atmosphere amongst the Bearded Collie community is not the finest and it is far away from getting better. Fortunately, with my other breed, the OES community is friendly and people are cosy and are having fun together. In fact it is funny, as the Bearded Collie is a cheerful and friendly dog, this in contrast with many of their owners.

I thought that I would be clever in leaving Lasse at home as “all prices” amongts the males had been given away already. This turned out te be a very big mistake of me, by bringing “Schoko” and even talking Eef Martens in to it to bring her “Geddes along.

Clanyardbay Mac Geddes with 10 months. Owner Eef Martens. She is a daughter of our Ch. Firstprizebears Hitchkock and Firstprizebears Eureka

Rotterdam Open Klas teven

The “choise” for the Best Bitch in the Youth Class: Ex-1, No-Nonsens La Baronessa. Intermediate Class: Ex-1 Firstprizebears Liz Taylor,

Open Class: Ex-1 and Best of Breed All Eyes on Miss Daydream and Champion Class: Ex-1 Res-CACIB No-Nonsens Kalilah

Rotterdam Lineup Teven

Our Inge Schreurs was with her “Firstprizebears Jade Jagger” in the Open Class and ended 2nd.

Rotterdam Open Klas teven