5 June 2018

Beautiful photos of our Beardie kids

Ms. Reinicke lives near Mönchengladbach / GER and is the proud owner of “Firstprizebears Q ‘Mariah Carry

The family Zeeb lives near Stuttgart and they are all in love with their “Firstprizebears Q’Madonna”

In the far north in Lativa lives Marita Gintere, she has the most traveled Firstprizebears Beardie puppy ever. “Firstprizebears Q’Jennifer Lopez” is the distance from Lithuania to Kitzbühl in Austria  traveld at least 8 times.  Both sons of Marita are in the National Skiteam of  Lithuania and train in Austria “.

These 3 girls are from the litter of Prada and Mr. Smith from October 2017

Ms. Cocozza from Germany also has a very fun Firstprizebear girl “Firstprizebears Q’Walnutcreek” she is from “Lance and Schoko” from May 2017

Coffee break after showering                                                                                     The World Cup can come, Ella has already collected the balls


and in Mexico Firstprizebears Q ‘Winsborough is a happy family dog(Schoko Kid)

Vicky” and the son of family Godefroidt from Belgium have the same hair color 🙂 “Firstprizebears Q’Wickup” (Schoko Kid)


“and finally our Belgian gardener Firstprizebears Q’Mc Henry always likes to help with the garden design” ( Lasse x Abbey  Dez 2017)

and in the very North of Germany living 3 beautiful Beardie teenagers and these are:

“Butterfly” alias Firstprizebears Q’Butterfly Mc Queen (Ch. Lärkängens at Firsticebears x Firstprizebears Joan Baez)Born 30-11-2017 now 7 months old

and Lucialives here as well Firstprizebears Q’Kim Kardashian togehter with her litterbrother Johnny “Firstprizebears Q’Brad Pitt” (Ch. Beardmarked’s Sight for Sore Eyes x Ch. Firstprizebears Meryl Streep) born 05-10-2017 now 9 months old