19 March 2016

Schoko and Lasse’s puppies are born

My “Schoko” was very thick, her belly was full of pups. They pressed on her bladder and is was almost impossible for her to go over the entry of the whelping box.
On the 16th of March the time was there, Schoko couldn’t wait any longer and gave birth to 9 black and white heavy pups. Within 3 hours 8 male and 1 female pup were born. Unfortunately the largest male is stillborn. Beautiful pups with great heads and markings. Unfortunately on Friday one more male died. He had abdominal  pain all night and I tried everything in my power to save him but mother nature had other plans, around eleven he passed away. Now Schoko has 6 beautiful male and 1 femalepuppies to take care of. Proud father is my “Lasse”.
This combination is a repeat of last year because this was such  beautifull litter Schoko and Lasse gave us than .

Beautiful heads

Schoko-1-Tag-2-at-the-sheepthe first Group of boys Schoko-1-Tag-3-Boys

the 2nd Group of boys                                                                                                 the 7 puppies 1 day old

Schoko-1-Tag-3-boys-2 Schoko-1-Tag-alle


tthe girl                                                                                                                                   Schoko and her puppies, just 2 hours after they were born

     Schoko-1-Tag-bitch Schoko-1-Tag-nach-Geburt