23 July 2014

Schoko in Liege/Belgium

It was that time again, the end of July, the Show of Liège (Belgium) stood on the agenda. As usual, very interesting judges. This time it was Mrs. Blaha from Austria. In the bedinning of last year, she had during theCAC Show of Luxemburg, judged the Beardies and gave the BOB to our Lasse. Therefore I wasn’t surprised that a certain Beardie had not been entered.
It seems that the Show of Liege, is one of the few shows within the Benelux, where this group has no influence in who judges the Breed, the Group and Best in Show. There are within the Beardie World, less and lesser people interested in showing their dog, because they don’t like it any more. All of them are exhausted by these practices. Incidentally, this is also clearly visible in the entries of the males. The Youth Class is still well occupied, but in the OPen Class there are not more than 1 or 2 dogs and that is all.

Recently there was a broadcast of television, in which they talked about a study that was held about corruption within Europe. Belgium is noted as the 4th most corrupt country within Europe. In fact a pity if you know that this is such a beautiful country and the people in Limburg are so relaxed.

It doesn’t matter. I was together with “Schoko” (Ch. Firstprizebears Liz Taylor), for the first time entered in the Champion Class, in the hope that I would win the last CAC, on Sunday, for her Belgium Champion Title. Last year she had made her first points.

Mrs. Blaha had to judge 19 Beardies and at 10.00 hrs it was our turn at this already so warm day. At that moment we had 25 degrees Celsius outside with an enormous humidity in the air. You where already sweating, even if you didn’t do anything.

Schoko had to go in as last and did everything perfect. She became Best Bitch and with that victory, had made her points for the Belgian Champion Title. However, she also became Best Of Breed. In the big Ring, the Sweed Almgren was judging and liked Schoko very much. Unfortunately not enough to be placed under the last 5 of Group 1. Which was fine. We where more than satisfied and now could leave to drive to the CHIO in Aachen, Germany.

We only have one picture, made with the iPhone of Anouk Buntix, whom we would like to thank for this.

Schoko, Best Of Breed and judge Mrs. Blaha.

Firstprizebears Liz Taylor Liege