22 January 2015

Schoko puppies are born

Today, January 22nd, 2015 at 15.00 hrs the first puppies by Schoko (Ch. Firstprizebears Liz Taylor) where born. It is her first litter and I was anxcious to see how she was going to do things. Her belly was very thick, due to which she could not keep up, nor controle her urin. Her belly was simply too full. But everything went well with her. She ran with the other on the meadow and was playing with a rope. Last night she had been trying to start digging in the welphingbox and had mixed up all towel and papers. Offcourse she wanted to have everything ready and decent before giving birth to her babies. Yesterday afternoon, the temperature sunk under 37 degrees celcius, so definately a sign that she was going to deliver her babies. She did really well and was also quick without whining once. My beloved daily soap “Red Roses” (Rote Rosen in German) had just finished. She was standing at the kitchendoor and a little bit nervous. Walking towards her, she had gone back to the welphingbox and was licking herself. Her first puppy had already been born. 15.05, 15.10, 15.30, 15.50, 17.00, at 17.20 the first male was born and that would stay the same. 17.30, 18.45 and 19.20, all black and white with beautiful markings, strong and all immediately had the will to breastfeed. In summary, we have 8 girls and 1 male. Schoko is laying in the whelpingbox, totally relaxed. In a moment, I will weigh them all, clean Schoko and the whelpingbox. Hopefully, I will have a quiet night on the sofa next to the whelpingbox. 

On this photo, No. 9 had not been born yet.

Schoko 1 Tag Welpen

Schoko totally relaxed

Schoko 1 Tag 1

all 9

Schoko 1 day


Schoko sleeping and so are her puppies.

Schoko 1 tag 5

2 days old the Boy

2. tag ruede

first Group of 4 Girls

2 tag girls 2.2

second Group of 4 Girls

2 dagen 4 meiden 1.2