18 July 2015

Show News in Juli

We had vacation and so did our dogs. They stayed at home and where taken care of by Daisy and her children and got spoiled. Due to the enormous heat, beginning of Juli, the dogs only wanted to stay kennel because there is an aircontioning ūüôā They are spoiled aren’t they?

Although the heat, some heat resistant Firstprizebears where on the road. Mrs. Zimmermann had driven to¬†Meisendorf/GER to participate in a two day Show. On day one Mr. Wenig Woh Chan from Malaysia judged her¬†“Firstprizebears Naomi Campell” and she got placed 2nd. Seen the fact that they had a temperature of 38 degrees Celcius, the Zimmermann’s decided to drive back to the¬†M√ľritz See, their home base in Meckelenburg-Western Pommerania and to cool of. A very smart decision seen this temperature.

“Firstprizebears Naomi Campell” in a¬†warm Meisendorf


Fernando Suny was very successfully on the road with “Nora”. She started, at the Int-Show in Tornio/ITA, for the first time in the Intermediate Class, with her 15 months of age and became Best Bitch with CACIB, CAC. A wonderful success for such a young bitch. I think she is perfect.

“Firstprizebears Nora Jones” in Tornio BOS

Tornio-Nora-Jones-BOS Tornio-Nora-Jones-BOS-1

Somewhere in the northern part of California/USA, our dear friend Kathy¬†Pavlich, showed her “Balou” for the first time at a Show. He won the Breed and became 4th in Group 1. A successful start for both of them.

“Firstprizebears Natural Blue” 4th in the Group


The third weekend of Juli, was also a successful one for our breed. Fernando and Sergio had gone to Ivrea in Italy. Here the Int-Show was held and the Beardies were judged by the famous Irish Mrs. J. Lawless. “Nora” became Best Of Breed and was selected in the Group.

Nora Jones CACIB, CAC , BOB in Ivrea

Nora Jones Ivera BOB 1 Nora JOnes Ivera BOB standing Nora Jones Ivera movement Nora JOnes Ivera table

That saturday, we ourselves, were in Liege/B with “Prada”. Here the Spanish Mr. A. Castells-Lladona judged the Beardies. Our Ch. Firstprizebears Meryl Streep, became Best Bitch and also collected the last point necessary for the Titles of International and Belgian Champion.

“Prada” Firstprizebears Meryl Streep in Liege/B, CACIB , CAC and BOS. Now also Int- and Belgian Champion

Meryl Streep Liege BOS

During the last weekend, the two day Int-Show of Rotterdam/NL was held. This has always been one of my favorite exhibitions. New this year: A double Show. Saturday, the judging was in hands of the Hungarian¬†Mr.¬†A.¬†Czegledi, who judged the handful of entered Beardies. Our “Prada” had competition in the Champion Class. She won this Class and now carries another title, being Netherlands Champion Firstprizebears Meryl Streep.

The Judge, Mr.¬†Czegledi and our¬†“Prada”

Rotterdam Prada

On Sunday, a few more Beardies had been entered for the judgement of the French Mr. C. Ritter. He thought that “Prada” was the best and made her Best Of Breed. He thought that her angulations of the shoulder, lenght of the ribs, the angulation of the pelvis and her movement where simply better. We haven’t¬†contradicted him.

Mr. Ritter, during his decision for Best Of Breed.


Best Of Breed, Our 28 months old Int-NL-B-LUX-Ch. Firstprizebears Meryl Streep

Rotterdam Zo Prada BOB