21 January 2013

Smokey’s puppies 11 days old

During the ring training at the KC Echt, I had met Peggy Jeurnissen, who is an absolute Bearded Collie fan. She had asked me if I needed some help. She was available on Saturday and could come by to help me. These kind of questions you should not ask me twice at this moment. At 10.00 hrs Peggy was here and afterwards we cleaned all the whelping boxes. Fed the puppies and at the moment that they where all satisfied and tired, made some pictures. Peggy is a natural born and made the most beautiful glamour pictures. Afterwards, I was finally able to go and do some shopping and Peggy went for a walk with the bigger dogs. Lovely, I was a happy person.

With Smokey and her puppies, I have hardly any work. Smokey has enough milk and likes to lay in the whelping box for a long time, so that the little ones can get round and full bellies from drinking. The males are already 1000 grams in weight. There are however 3 smaller girls, but they are almost weighing 800 grams. Three times per day, I let them drink by themselves with Smokey, so that they get an extra portion of milk. Yesterday, Saturday, we have made pictures, with 11 days, The little ones have almost all opened their eyes completely and today, Sunday, we have also removed the cloth from the whelping box. They have now a dry bed as underground and a basket, next to the warm water bottled Teddy Bear. The other half of the whelping box has been covered with newspapers. I have discovered that Smokey’ puppies are leaving their favorite spot when they have to go potty. Why there have been placed newspaper on that spot can be read in the story of Donna Summer. Please feel free to have a look.

The 3 males at 11 days. I like their beautiful heads, just father Hitchkock head.


the 6 ladies.


this is a male out of Smokey and Hitchkocks litter from April 2012. This is how they will be one day.