4 February 2013

Smokey’s puppies 3,5 week

That is was an intensive weekend, can be read at the story of the puppies from Summer. Smokey’s puppies have, since last week, a larger ren in the kitchen. After the front of the whelping box had been removed, they went on a discovery tour. As always, also with these puppies, the toilet is far from the resting place. They play with eachother and the new toys that they have received last weekend are more than wanted. Four times per day thet get a meal. In the beginning it was like always: Terra Canis Puppy food out of a tin with 5 star quality. Since the day before yesterday it is mixed with REGAL Puppy and served on body temperature. These puppies are clearly cleaner than the ones from Summer and not such pigs. That meant they look more mannered. Smokey patiently waits on her turn until she is allowed to eat the rests of the puppy food. During the time she cleans the plate, the puppies are drinking with her. It is very nice sitting next to the whelping box in our kitchen with a cup of coffee and watch the  doings of these 9 rascals. Even when they are a sleep, it is nice watching them. Some of these puppies are still to have.

The new puppy ren in our kitchen (puppies were 3 weeks old)


Even if you are tired and would like to lay down on the couch, you have to continue. Pictures have to be taken:


Michigan, Montgomery and Memphis, with 3,5 weeks


I didn’t manage to get all 6 girls on a photo. Therefore the group is split in 2: Madison, Millwaukee en Manhattan


the 2nd team 3,5 weeks old Miami,-Missippi,-Melrose


and again heads, because I still think they are beautiful.


Memphis doing his afternoon sleep.


but not alone. All puppies have found a place for a nap.