29 January 2013

Summer’s pups 4 weeks old

We can’t help it, but they still look like they are coming out of a tin filled with oil! However, they eat out of the puppybowl 4 times per day, they still look like pigs and lay under and on top of the food. The risk to wash them, so that they are photogenic, I did not want to take. Therefore I am asking for your understanding, because they are not clean and proper puppies, who will amuse you forever. But it gets better. Since they are 3 weeks old, they have moved to kindergarten. First in the cordoned off area to get used to. Now, since 3 days they have a combined area to their disposal and they are using it too. AND: they do their big needs exclusively in the back part of their kennel. That means that the front part, where they sleep and eat, is clean! As said, they now get 4 times per day REGAL Puppyfood with Terra Canis tin and also once or twice per day fresh meat. Until now the minced meat was slightly warmed. Than they are like grasshoppers and eat everything in an amazing time. Sunday they have had their 2nd worm cure. Karin Roosenboom and her group was visiting us. This is where Summer and Smokey stay normally. They where willing helpers when pictures had to be made and the worm cure had to be given. However, after all 10 puppies had eaten their worm cure, we found 1 little pill in the basket. One puppy had spit it out. This is miserable. Because no one knows which puppy it was. Therefore, on Saturday they will get another worm cure, instead of with 6 weeks. Seen the weight, they are typical Summer puppies. They all weigh around 1400 grams, only the smallest male grows a little slower. He only has arrived 900 grams, but eat well and drinks good with with the others at mother Summer. Our veterinarian, Liesbeth Vanholen, visited us on Sunday to have a good and closer look of the group. Everything is well, also with our Benjamin. Precisely he like to battle with the bigger male and like to play “shake him to death”. That really looks funny and he also groans very angry.

Here the pictures of last week: Still in the living room. Patiently waiting until the whelping box has been made clean (3 weeks old)


lovely when all is tied up and clean (3 weeks old)


Tuesday we made the move to kindergarten with much more space (3 weeks)


The puppy house is the biggest hit. If possible all 10 would go in.


because that is not possible, the rest of the group lays in the basket.


than it is time again to eat and they completely freak out.


Afterwards Summer feeds them milk from a fully filled milkbar.


afterwards they are all tired and is our “Benjamin”sleeping as a little prince.


The puppies, Sunday, 4 weeks old. The first group of 3 males. On the right the blue born.


the 3 other males. On the left our hooligan Benjamin. With the pup on the right you can see the Tan-markings very clearly. This he inherited from his famous grandmother “Firstprizebears Z’Tampa”

the 4 girls.