18 February 2012

The Coco and Hitch-Kids are doing well

Last weekend we received mails and photo’s of our latest sibblings, who are now almost 4 months old.

This is the news from Kid Rock:

Hello Conny, our Lambick is doing well
He becomes a real mini beardie who has lots of fun.
He already placed his signature on one of the tablelegs, eaten a pair of glasses, Halved them and took the glass out. This is much more creative.
Inspite of these jokes he loves to kuddle and is a real darling.
This week he saw snow for the first time.
Furthermore, on a regular basis, he joins us when shopping , going to the market, department store and chats up with all the salesladies by making nice eyes.
He also comes to town by bus.
His favorite location is the petshop.
Playing he can do best with other dogs and amuses himself.
Regularly he plays with his Labrador cousins (the dogs of my sister in law) and doesn’t get snowed under by these 3 giants. He even steels their toys.
His favorite food is tripe, hart and minced meat. Also soft cheese is eaten well.
Shirley & Peter and a paw from Lambick
Kid Rock 3,5 maanden
and his first snow
Kid Rock eerste sneeuw
Our King of Pop is doing well also:
Hello Conny
Look what a lovely bear I am becoming…… Washed, combed and the whole village just loves Harrie….. At school all want to pet him and Harrie likes it…

He is cute and wants to learn everything. He is a welcome addition to our family!

In the mean time Harrie weighs 14 kilogramms!!

Greetings and a big paw

Harrie Verbakel and his family…

King of Pop  sneeuw

Also Kim Carnes is pleasing her new familyKim Carnes

and Tobi Vanbossche shows his wonderful movement (Kidrock)

Gangwerk Tobi