31 March 2012

The first week

Yesterday our puppies were 1 week old. All are doing well and grow perfectly. As all Bearded Collie puppies they have not exactly doubled their birthweight yet. But that is completly normal for this breed. Every now and then, Heidi,  takes a break outside the whelpingbox. Everything is relaxed and satisfied.

All 7 together

1 Woche alle 7

the 3 males one week old: Lorne Green, Lee Curtis and Larry King

1 week 3 boyes

and the girls: Linda Evans, Liza Minely, Loly Parton and Liz Taylor

1 week 4 girls

just some pictures of the heads, because they are soooooo nice…

the black and the brown male

1 Week black and brown boy

the 2 black girls

1 week 2 black girls

and our very special “Loly Parton”

1 week Loly Parton

Pole Positon for Lorne Green on “Shawn” the hot water bottle-Sheep

Pool Postition