1 July 2012

The Martens Ladies where in Italy

Eef and Theis Martens where together with their 4 Beardie Ladies on vacation in Italy. First a stopover at the Lake Garda. Here, “Lilli” (Wereldwinner 2010 and 2012 Firstprizebears Helen Hunt) practiced for the World Championship long time swimming for dogs. Lilli didn’t want to come out of the water anymore and swam lane after lane.

Lilli schwimmern am Gardasee

afterwards they went on to Venice where the whole bunch swam in the sea.

Martens Urlaub 2012 1

Fristprizebears Gunnery (Fenja), Eureka (Djazzy), Helen Hunt (Lilli) as well as Ch. Clanyardbay Mac Guffy (Guffy) at the Mediteranian Sea

Urlaub Martens 2012 2

But is was too hot. There was almost no shade on the beach and therefore the holidays where shortened and they quickly drove home, to the cooler Reuver/NL.

Martens Urlaub 2012 3