14 June 2017

Shownews June 2016

NDS Vernray/NL, judge Mrs. P. Runderkamp/NL

Firstprizebears Proud Percy CAC, BOB and Best in Group 1, Judge Mrs. van Veen/NL


Best Male Firstprizebears Proud Percy, Ex 1 Juniorclass and REs- CAC Male Firstprizebears Pikes Peak, owner Monika Fuss.

IDS Neuenkirchen/GER Firstprizebears Nora Jones 2x CACIB, 2x CAC, 2x BOB, Group 2 and Group 3. New VDH and German Ch.

Kindesrheim/GER Firstprizebears Pamela Anderson Exc. 1 Judge mrs. Melchior, her litterbrother”Firstprizebears Pat Boone“Excellentt 1, CAC

25.6.2017 Wirges/GER, Judge Mr. Yossi Guy/ISL “Pamela Anderson” and also “Pat Boone” both became an Excellent 2 in the intermediate

Willa alias “Ch. Firstprizebears Greenville” BOS and BOB Veteran Hannover/GER 11-06-17 Judge Mrs. E. Heintz/GER. Owner the Hellwig Family

Multi  Ch. Firstprizebears Neil Diamond,  03-06-17 Nita/SLO  BOB

NDS Lommel/BEL. Firstprizebears Orlando Bloom CAC, BOS

Doubleshow in Aarau/Swiss on June 24/25. 2017

Judge on Saturday was Mrs. Myriam Vermeire/BEL

Intermediate class males “First Prizebears Patick Duffy” (this is the male who was dumped by his former owner, Mrs. Cornelia Lüthi last year and is now happy with the Swiss family Knuchel). What a wonderful happy ending: Patrick won best male with CACIB and CAC,

Openclass Male: Firstprizebears Oscar de la Renta, Owner Müller/CH Res- CACIB, CAC

Juniorclass bitches: Firstprizebears Pasadena, Qwner Familie Kirmis/Stuttgart Excellent 1, J-CAC

Championclass bitches: Multi Ch. Firstprizebears Nora Jones, Qwner Fermandy Sunye  CACIB, CAC , BOB and 3rd Group 1

Open Class male: Firstprizebears Oscar de la Renta, owner Müller/CH.  CACIB, CAC, BOS

Championclass bitches: Multi Ch. Firstprizebears Nora Jones, owner Fermandy Sunye  CACIB, CAC , BOB and 3rd Group 1

Firstprizebears Partick Duffy


Firstprizebears Oscar de la Renta

Multi Ch. Fristprizebears Nora Jones