18 December 2014

Winner Amsterdam en Givat Haim/Israël

During the past weekend, Amsterdam was the “epic-centre” for the fanatic Dog Shower. On Friday, in the RAI (the show ground of Amsterdam), the Holland Cup was held. A one day CACIB Show, held before the actual Winner Amsterdam took place. Our Beardies where going to be judged by Misses Dagmar Klein from Roumania. Seen the fact that we didn’t need anything, nor points, we had entered no dogs for the Friday Show. This takes away an enormous amount of pressure. On Saturday evening, the Eukanuba World Challenge was held. Many countries from all over the world had send a dog to Amsterdam, in order to fight for the Title. I got a Invitation from Eukanuba to enjoy this Event but decided not to go.  I would have to have left home at 15.00 hours to make sure that I could be at 17.00 in Amsterdam and leave again at 21.00 and drive another 2 hours before being back home. The alarm clock had been set that Sunday morning at 03.30! Therefore via live stream the show was followed. On Sunday, the Winner Amsterdam 2014 for both of our breeds was held. It was in 1975 that I participated for the first time at this Winner Show, by then also held in the RAI. In the past three years we have also won the Winner with Best of Breed and mostly also he Best Opposite Sex. 32 Beardies had been entered (13 Males and 19 Bitches) and they where going to be judged by Mrs. Bakker-v.d. Woestijne/NL. Almost 20 years we haven’t shown with Mrs. Bakker and wanted to take a change again. Our Prada was in the Intermediate Class against strong competitors. Even Mrs. Bakker gave in to the charmes of our Prada and she won the Intermediate Class. She became Res-Best Bitch.

This is how my show dog looks at less than 24 hours away from the Show.

Meryl Streep Pre- Amsterdam

Mrs. Erika Bakker, the judge, with our “Prada” Firstprizebears Meryl Streep

Prada Amsterdam Zwischenkl

The winners at the Bitches just before the CACIB:  Youth Class: Bonos Watchfull Eye Azyri, Intermediate Class: Firstprizebears Meryl Streep, Open Class. No-Nonsens Labaronessa, Champion Class: Sunday Mornings Jewel Amsterdam challenge Best bitch

Left our Prada Res-Bete Teef Firstprizebears Meryl Streep, the judge Mrs. Bakker and Best Bitch No-Nonsens Labaronessa Amsterdam Beste teef en Res

At the same day as the Show in Amsterdam, a Specialty Show was held in Givat Haim, Israel for several Breeds. Paz Davidovich had brought her own offspring. She also had the litter sister of our Prada with her:  Ch. Firstprizebears Maryline Monroe. The Russian Mrs. Irina Shvets judged. “Maryline”convinced the judge, becam Best Of Breed and later that day also 3rd Best In Show. The beautiful pictures have been made by a friend of ours; Yossi Guy.

Maryline 12-14.jpg

Paz Davidovich with her Firstprizebears Maryline Monroe, Best Of Breed.   Maryline Streep BOB14-14

Paz with Firstprizebears Maryline Monroe, the judge Mrs. Shvets and Yael Davidowich with own breed, the 16 months old male “Furry Paws Ferrero Rocher”.

Givat Haim BOB Maryline and BOS