24 May 2013

World Show in Budapest/HUN, Wieze en Italy

A World Show is always a spectacular event and attracted about 18.000 dogs from over the whole world. This time the Show was held in the wonderful Budapest, Hungary. The list of judges is always exiting and I wouldn’t go if there was no chance for a victory. To just participate is to valuable and too time consuming. With the OES, I immediately said that I would not make any chance, but with the Beardies I had a small hope. The judge for the Beardies was Ildiko Muszlai of the Double Scotch Bearded Collies. The Muszlai family has bought several successful dogs from us, under which: Firstprizears Eminence and the world famous Cony Island. I had never shown under Ildiko, because I always assumed that I could become maximum second under her. This feeling was confirmed! The amount of entered dog of only 30 males for a World Show, is a clear statement. In fact I should be a fortune-teller, because I exactly predicted what would happen and so it came. It was a thank you very much to loyal dog buyers….. and by the way more than painful that for the BOB an own bred product was selected and was chosen to World Winner by Mrs. Brenner, who had judged the Bitches (25). Ildiko Muszlai knew how to talk her out of this painful situation and gave the BOB to the male from the Veteran Class. I know!!! You cannot say or write all of this in public, because you will than fall in disgrace with the judges. But I don’t care! Everybody had comments about this and there where also a lot of comments on what and how had been judged.

The World Show is one thing, but another is the beautiful city of Budapest, which I had already visited once. To be able to connect this is top. Nor me, Nor Harry wanted to travel the 1350 Km back and forward by car. So we took the luxury to fly together with “Lasse”. The price of our tickets from Düsseldorf and back where € 270,- and for “Lasse” € 415,-!!!! Because we had to be at the airport on Friday morning at 05.00 and we thought that this was to early, we decided to take a nice hotel at the airport. Spending the night here was a pleasure to start this journey with. Budapest gave us 4 days of sunshine and warm weather. We also met a lot of old friends from over the whole world and had an enjoyable time. Monday evening at 20.00 hrs we took the plane back to Düsseldorf and went back from 25 degrees in the sun to 10 degrees in May in Düsseldorf….. “Lasse” recoverd very well from the trip, faster and better than his owners did.

A picture overview of our journey:

In the morning at 06.00 we where in the Hall. If you wanted to have a perfect spot, you had to be in early. Judging started at 10.00. As our hotel was located of the Show domain it self, we had the advantage to get up at 05.00…. Harry was not quite bright. “Lasse” however, was fit and ready for the Show.


before the judging I wispered into Lasse’s ear that he is the most beautiful and sweetest Beardie in the whole world.


“Lasse” could have started in the Champion Class, but with his just 2 years of age, I thought it made more sense to enter him in the Open Class.


Memorylane Got Some Mighty Magic, Ramsgrove Borkason, Clan of Storks Caliber (Son of Hitchkock), Nessuno Mi Puo Giudicare Del Cuore Impavido and Lärkängens at Firsticebears.

Lasse in the Open Class


1. Place and World Winner Ramsgrove Borkason, 2. Place Lärkängens at Firsticebears, 3. Place Nessuno Mi Puo Giudicare Del Cuore Impavido , 4. Place Clan of Storks Kaliber


a son of our “Lasse”became best Youngster, Clan of Storks Las Vegas


Sergio and Fernando where more than happy, their “Firstprizebears Kim Karnes” won the Open Clas and became Res-World Winner  

WDS Budapest Firstprizebears Kim Karnes

This is the World Winner “Double Scotch Black Pygmalion” (De dro Marco Polo – Fristprizebears Ponderosa). She gave reason to heavy discussion because of her styling. More than clearly she was trimmed and cut, but what was even more terrible, was the head. This one was flicked up to a helmet and simply terrible and this is not Bearded Collie worthy and should therefore not be rewarded by a judge!

WDS Budapest BOS and REs bitches

here the “Helmet” head


On Monday we made a tour through Budapest together with Lasse. In the background the Four Season Hotel and directly opposite lays the famous “Chain Bridge”.


Everywhere you found beatiful flower beds.


“Lasse” takes a brake.


Harry and Lasse at the Elisabeth Bridge at the Donau river

WDS Harry and Lasse near the Elisabethbruecke

Both the owners enjoyed a coffeebreak in the famous Coffee House Gerbeaud.


afterwards they went home with some luggage……


One day before the World Show, a Special Show was held for British Sheepdog. Gabyriella Gesi showed her beautiful 9 year old Ch. Firstprizebears Cony Island. She became Best In Show Veteran.


In the cold and chilly Belgium, Vicky van Tiggelen had gone to the Show in Wieze with her “Ch. Firstprizebears Just Beat-it“. Here, Mr. Wulteputte judged and gave “Beat-It” the CACIB and Best Of Breed.

In Italy lives Laura Pouqier and with her, “Firstprizebears Johnny Cash”. On 21-04, he was at the Show of Grosseto Judge was Mrs. Wieremiejeczyk/POL. On 27-04, Mr. I. Selimovic/HR judged at the show of Lucca an he also gave him CAC with Res-CACIB. We will keep our fingers crossed that “Byron” keeps walking on the Street of Winners.